A HUGE Personal Thank You from THUMPY

Thumpy’s Great BIG Thank You to AIRSOFTERS EVERYWHERE!

My extreme thanks to everyone who has e-mailed, PM’ed, posted on boards, sent cards and letters for the recent loss of my Mom.  This was tough, as it always is for any child to lose a parent, but we KNOW that she is in a far better place now, no longer suffering the long downhill slide in health, and that she is surrounded by Angels, family and friends that we’ll all see one day, too!

OBIT For Thumpy’s Mom: LINK Here

A word about my Mom: She was also the person who let me and my brother explore our passions, as old or young as I might have been….from buying Major Matt Masons and G.I Joes, to cheap plastic guns, model kits, goofy helmets and surplus gear, and pushing us outdoors to “play Army”, ski or snowshoe, hunt and trap and motorcycle or snowmobile with the neighborhood kids… in 6 feet of Northern New York snow or a hot summer afternoon.  We played hard, worked hard, ‘didn’t get home near enough as we grew up and started our own families, but we kept in touch and we still enjoyed it when our Mom laughed at our child-like side…playing with the kids or playing LIKE a kid…and knowing that she had a big hand in making us better people.  And, as you can see, she made a LOT of kids better people, too…We’ll miss her, but she’s never gone from our memory!

—– Thumpy….OVER

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