What an EXPO! NAAExpo 2010 Airsoft News from THUMPY!

OK, so what’s your excuse?  Really.

That’s how Old Thumpy is feeling, basking in the awesomeness as the First EVER North Atlantic Airsoft Expo wraps its way into the heads of the HUNDREDS of folks who DID get to High Point, North Carolina.  And, they came from ALL OVER the East Coast, team members from Maine, New York, Philly, Vendors and INNOVATORS from Georgia, Florida and the Carolinas….plus others from as far away as the Promised Land of 6-mm goodness, Hong Kong!

Kickoff Crowd on Saturday at the NAAExpo 2010
Opening Crowd Saturday at the NAAExpo 2010

Obviously, from the pre-event vendors list, and the first-time uncertainty of what might or might not be in store from the fledgling East Coast Airsoft event, the crowds were not huge.  But y’all made up for it in SPIRIT, by being one of the most energetic, enthusiastic groups of die-hard ‘hit-callers to ever stroll a showroom floor!  There was one continuous racause BUZZ of friendly chatter, only punctuated with Oohs and Ahhs when show staffers let the BB’s rip at the FREE Airsoft Gun demonstration area.  You’ve always wanted to pull the trigger on a Systema M4 or MP5, or a 550-fps Ares gas sniper rifle?   Well, hundreds of visitors DID just that, as giant-sized bag-fulls of BB’s slammed downrange all weekend long…part of the admission price to the NAA.

Also covered?  How bout some of the most INNOVATIVE Airsoft information anywhere!

Wallace Lau's mechbox basics class at the NAAExpo 2010

Wallace Lau of Z-Shot skippered several information panel session on the “guts” of any AEG’s…the Mechbox.  Wallace showed beginners and long timers alike his skills in disassembling and re-assembling a Version 2 Systema ‘rig, working one-handed at times, as he also operated a very expensive Digital SLR camera with an-equally expensive fish-eye macro lens hovering just 20-inches above the gun’s piston spring!  Thumpy has popped enough of those springs and spring guides across his own shop to know some truly mad Gunsmith skillz when he see them!  Great Job, Wallace!

And, with that in mind, lets get to the FIRST THUMPY’s 3-D EXCLUSIVE look at Wallace Lau in action, as we hear from him about the State of Airsoft, too,  in what will be a series of video One-On-Ones with Airsofters from this year’s North Atlantic Airsoft Expo:

AND If you’ve missed it…here’s the Overall Look at the NAAExpo…and stay tuned for even MORE One-on-One Interviews from this year’s Airsoft Fest!


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