UMAREX-USA Update…a new place for INNOVATION?

UMAREX-USA moves into a new home

From the OFFICIAL Umarex USA News Letter: “Although the official grand opening is still a few weeks away, we’ve officially moved into our brand new 117,000 square foot facility. Our new facility is home to both warehousing and distribution operations as well as our corporate offices, which include marketing, sales, and a fully staffed customer service department that handles product refurbishment, warranty work, and technical advice. Future operations at our facility will also include manufacturing.”

Hmm…Thumpy wonders…will that include AIRSOFT MANUFACTURING….or perhaps just their Airgun line.  UMAREX USA is the Walther’s co-parent here in North America, and if you read deeper, you’ll find out who they are doing business with.  And THAT information could bode well for ALL U.S> and Canada/Americas Airsofters.

“Our entire staff is enjoying the new facilities and we work hard to continue our growth as a company that provides great products for all shooters.”  AMEN, if “shooters” includes Airsofters that want the 3-D House-Rules of INNOVATION!

Please take note of our new address:
Umarex USA, Inc.
7700 Chad Colley Blvd.
Fort Smith, AR 72916

It’s so new you can’t find the location on GOOGLE Maps…it was just a field and woods when THEY POSTED THE SITE…

And THIS was their former location in Ft. Smith….So imagine what they MIGHT do with all that extra room…..!!

Check the building out and even fly around the OLD neighborhood HERE on GOOGLE MAPS

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