Big thanks to the Forum Rats at ARNIE’S AIRSOFT for picking up on this important video at YouTube:

Hear from one of the Airsoft world’s current INNOVATORS…about WETTI’s hot-button issues:

  • GBB’s Vs. AEG’s
  • A MAJOR Real Steel announcement with WE, coming soon
  • The ATF Vs. WE..can you shoot real bullets with a WE lower? The answer inside…
  • Are Hi Cap mags in the future for WE’s GBB’s?
  • And, what will the NEXT 5 years hold for WE…All inside, in James’ video!

To read an ONLINE ARTICLE on WE Airsoft, visit IntunedOnline…YOUR LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE….Right HERE

And, there’s a promise of a followup article with James, on his INNOVATIVE approach with U.S. Army Airsofters, to use WETTI training rifles for their real-world training requirements.  Thumpy will be keeping an eye on this one for you!

Find out MORE about WE Tactical Training International at their website, too: LINK HERE

One Comment Add yours

  1. James Chan says:

    Hi Thumpy,

    Thank you for linking this & spreading the words around 🙂

    With what will certainly be our most exciting year ahead, WE would like to work closer with this site; so could you kindly write me to discuss?

    Look out for our new Open Bolt FN SCAR & FN P90 at the 2011 SHOT SHOW & IWA (YES!!! FN!!!) So now you can probably guess who we will be partnering with in 2011 & the obvious reason why WE would like to participate more on this site?

    I shall await your reply.

    Kindest regards,
    James Chan

    WE Tactical Training International (WETTI)
    WE Airsoft Industries International

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