SPECIAL REPORT Paintball Barrel Sock for Airsoft Safety???


Paintball Sock as an Airsoft Safety device?  You Decide…

Thumpy’s VIDEO Test…Is a Paintball Barrel Sock a SAFETY device for Airsoft…or creating a danger itself?

Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft has word from several Field Owners that new insurance regulations are on the way next year…mandating some type of barrel cover for ALL guns handled outside of safety netting at events. Right now, most fields only have paintball-style barrel socks…a nylon reinforced “pocket” that covers the muzzle of paintball guns, held in place by some type of elastic harness. We obtained one popular model this weekend, and when we put it to a non-scientific but totally real-world test, we got a NASTY surprise! See for yourself and please push the link to Thumpy’s YouTube Video Channel to players, teams, field owners or insurance reps you might know…to spread the word!

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  1. Check this out… We the players at ARC Airsoft came up with a dual purpose brand new Airsoft product, that trumps the standard barrel cover. Our design was tested in the field, and along with a good pair of ANSI rated goggles, this is a must have for safety. People who have tried it are wondering how they went without these before… http://www.arcairsoft.com/THE-DEAD-BAG.html

  2. ryanmcgregor says:

    The Sites I go to in Scotland before you enter the SAFE ZONE, we remove all magazines from riffles and pistols and test fire to make sure they are empty …no need for a sock…common sense , its weel policed by the marshals …

  3. Keith says:

    I thought the whole point was to stop a accidental discharge off the field…and it did do that.

  4. I understand your concern for sharp fragments being shot, but there shouldn’t be any bb’s fired to result in making sharp fragments. If the gun did fire with the barrel cover in place it means that someone fired the gun in a non-play area. I absolutely want that barrel covered in that situation. I am not as concerned about possible injury from light-weight bb fragments as I am about intact whole bb’s shot around people without adequate eye and face protection.

  5. Toby Skinner says:

    I guess some kind of padded, longer thinner sock would work a lot better, even if they did smash, it would be far from the end of the flash hider.

  6. Scott says:

    I am 100% for using some sort of barrel cover out off the field. If some dork is stupid enough to fire full auto with one on the front of their AEG, they deserve any problems to their gun that they get.

  7. Halo says:

    That was very interesting. Thanks!

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