THE Event-of-the-year for Southeast USA Airsofters got BIGGER, BETTER and BADDER than ever before, as 537 players squared off on October 16 and 17 at FULDA GAP 2010!


How good was it?  Well, if you were there…you already KNOW the answer…but for everyone else, it is time for THUMPY’S A-Number-ONE recap.


537 Players..the most players EVER at a FULDA GAP Airsoft scenario, and the most that we can confirm at a full-weekend event hosted by an established site in the Southeast.

70 acres of Airsoft action all over the hills of Command Decisions Wargames Center in Bethlehem, NC

2 Full Days and 1- NIGHT GAME to REMEMBER

And, only 800 Points separated the NATO and Warsaw Pact forces…in the end, the CLOSEST RUN BATTLE in the History of Fulda Gap!

And, averaging the count from players who literally ran out of ammo before they ran out of targets, the old calculator estimated that 15 MILLION BB’s flew across the skies of Western North Carolina on a picture-perfect weekend for a now-legendary Airsoft Experience!

FULDA GAP…the Growth Continues!!!


Last year’s 395 warriors WAS the record for CDWC’s leadership into Airsoft history…and there were some massive concerns about the one-two punch of the economic slow-down this year, coupled with a large number of players from the area around the Carolinas saving up their energy and their cash to take part in Operation IRENE just two weeks later at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  But, call this one the “poor-man’s Irene,” because pre-registrations topped out at an all-time high in the days before the event…so many, in fact, that CDWC cut off NATO registrations, and many “green” troops ended up with armbands, but happy to fight alongside an out-numbered but fired-up Warsaw Pact team.

Both sides loaded up with colorful personalities, excellent commanders, days and DAYS of pre-game strategy sessions via the  NC Airsoft’s forums, Skype and Google Voice calls, e-mails with attached war plans, and good-‘ol landline shout-outs.


For NATO, 3-time winning Fulda Gap leader Mike ’82nd Customer” Pritchard (LEFT, ABOVE) from Western NC”s own 6mm Militia faced off against an eager, young and bold Eric “Twitch” Zeitler (RIGHT) from the High Country Gun Slingers, as Command Decision’s Andrew “Ferg” Ferguson give the Saturday Morning safety brief to more than 5 HUNDRED fired-up Airsofters!


And, “Ferg”, his wife Lee Ann (the REAL “brains” behind the machinery…sorry buddy!)  and CDWC’s devoted players get excellent support from a tireless group of smiling referees, and paramedic/photog Laura Rose, who had remarkably few injuries to tend…a twisted ankle, some close-range “BB Bleeders” but no major physical damage….one of the most-amazing stats of all from a RECORD FULDA GAP Event!


They may look young, but these guys use lots of energy and “cool” to keep Green and Tan forces from burning out, keeling over, or throwing tantrums as they earn every DOLLAR over the 2-day, 3 phase event.

(Below) NATO puts on its game face at Saturday Morning’s Safety Brief.


COMRADE “Smirnov” and his “Commies of Love” were back, after pulling a little “double agent” MOLE action on the NATO troops…showing up in British DPM for the morning muster, before changing back into Warsaw Pact colors!  It even had parts of NATO’s Command Cell flustered…although C-O Mike Pritchard was in on the gag!  Also, check the “TAKE AIM” Airsoft Magazine patch…not only did our buddies the Sewell Gang send some great prizes for the raffle, they also sent THEIR OWN TEAM that ran with the Warsaw Pact “Tannies” all weekend!


ONE VICTORIOUS GREEN COMMAND AND RECON TEAM! 82nd” (3rd from left in the back row) and the NATO Recon/Spec Ops cell…the “Holy Cowz” from Florida…with assorted other characters thrown in.   Yea, their team yell is “MOOOOOOWWWWWW”


Andrew “Ferg” Ferguson presents Mike “82nd Customer” Prtichard with his Award-Winning FOUR-PETE as the top commander…just for the record, it was NATO/WP/WP and NATO C-O in the last 4 straight Fulda Gap events.  And to seal-the-deal, “Ferg” also got Mike an Army Commendation Medal…to add to the pair he got as a real-deal Army Airborne trooper! (Thanks for the corrections, Big Mike!)


First Time was the charm for these ‘cats: T.A.G. 74 from Thumpy’s home-field, the world-famous South Field in Jacksonville/Camp Lejeune NC won Warsaw Pact’s Team Sportsmanship Award at their very first large-scale event.  Several real-deal Marines and a lot-of-heart make this team one to watch out for…as they already have a solid rep as the “sparing partners: for OP:Irene’s MARSOC team, the guys from NC’s “Raptor One.”



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