Airsoft and the TODAY SHOW…the REAL STORY!


Seems like THUMPY has only scratched the surface of the AMAZING STORY behind one of Airsoft’s Greatest Moments…’coming to your TV this weekend!  By now you have heard…here at the 3-D House of Airsoft and all over the ‘Web…that some major media exposure is on-the way this Saturday Morning (24 July 2010), via NBC’s Weekend TODAY Show.

OK, so how did Lester Holt and the TODAY SHOW, one of the West-Coast’s Most-INNOVATIVE Airsoft Venues, and our beloved AIRSOFT all come together?  It was through the hard work of some amazing ‘cats who let us in on the ‘behind-the-scenes’ action that you’ll be viewing at home on television.

Enter Tri-Core International

You might not know the name YET, but folks on the East and West Coasts are taking notice of a company that is all about bringing Real-World training, Real Adventure and Airsoft all together in an INNOVATIVE package designed to challenge everyone from military and law enforcement professionals, to those who want the thrills of a real-time adventure.  That’s what Tri-Core International is all about.

Tri-Core Airsoft Training

Info from their extensive website (LINKS HERE) and Facebook pages says Tri-Core’s mission is “professional Threat Mitigation and Tactical Training services. All services are available within one entity. We surpass the competition, in not only price, but value as well. Our team and our partners are very specialized due to the backgrounds and experience of our Cadre and Team mind set. We as a company believe in creating close business relationships with our clients. We truly believe in providing the best proven tactical answers in Threat Mitigation and training to the client.”  “The skill set of our staff is un-matched and carries over 100 years of cross Federal and DOD Special Operations Experience. We believe we are the most relevant, as most of our personal are newly retired and some still serve on active status. Our staff has the most up to date answers regarding facility, personal, and maritime security solutions.”

Tri-Core International Founder Jerame Ayers says Airsoft has proven to be a great tool, not only for training but even recruiting those who might want to try their hand a real-life skills. “We are not only doing this as a way to get our company out there for our fun stuff related to team building, video game consulting and extreme adventures. We want to bring Airsoft to the light in order to make the populace understand that it’s not only a sport but for some an entry point to aspire as a warrior whom later joins the military or law enforcement entity in which they can serve in a real life unit.”  It is training that Tri-Core is providing in California, North Carolina and other venues around the Globe.

Lights, Action….

Tri-Core’s Zachary Jarvis contacted the 3-D House of Airsoft when word got out that “TODAY” would be featuring airsoft, to tell us all about the leading role Tri-Core and their partners played in the project.  “A producer from “Today” contacted us at Tri-Core a few months back, interested in the Warrior Project,” Jarvis said. The Warrior-Project (LINK HERE) is Tri-Core’s effort to provide INNOVATIVE Corporate Team-Building via scenarios using Airsoft and Action!

Airsoft to Real-Steel

Tri-Core’s Jerame Ayers says “We specifically created The Warrior-Project for those interested in being an Operator, (who) could not for whatever reason, or to help young professionals understand the lifestyle and help point them in the right direction should they want to go from Airsoft to real life. What better way to understand what it is like to be an Operator by actually being able to stand side by side and take part in a mock scenarios and have that instructor be accessible for questions to debunking myths of the Operator community. Our scenario’s have been modelled after our direct experiences in training and real world deployments.” says Ayres.   “Some of the scenarios currently under development are from actual challenges in which Operators, SWAT, SRT, HRT, ERT teams compete to be the best warrior.”

Zachary Jarvis says “the producers were interested in one of our scenarios, Operation Ledger Main, a covert-ops mission.” Tri-Core’s site says “Participants will conduct surveillance operations in order to track down a wanted enemy Operative, codename “Ghost” whom holds a list that could lead to lives lost on a Global Scale and be part of the elite team to capture the Ghost.”

See the OP:Ledger Main Briefing Slides HERE (PDF)

Here’s a peak at OP: Ledger Main from Airies 31’s YouTube Channel:

That scenario came together on Wednesday, July 14 at one of Tri-Core’s partner operations…CQB City in Stockton, California.  As visitors to Thumpy’s know, we’ve been featuring videos and information from CQB CITY, one of the West-Coast’s biggest and baddest Airsoft sites, where Tri-Core ‘cadre’ members are partnered to provide training and support.  “We put in about 2 days of preparation off-site at a location we can’t disclose before filming with the crew (from Today),” Jarvis says.  “The ‘final showdown” was shot at CQB City, with full pyrotechnics effects” and using Airsoft for its realistic look and feel.

Staring Role: Airsoft

Tri-Core Partner

Jarvis says another one of their key partners is Black Ops Airsoft, one of the Bay Area’s newest shops, but one that stepped up for the event. “We got thousands of dollars in gear, rifles, AK’s and Pistols for roleplayers from Black Ops,” says Jarvis.  And, the Tri-Core guys do have favorites, especially KWA-USA‘s outstanding and INNOVATIVE Airsoft rifles and sidearms.  Jarvis says ” the KWA SR-10’s we use are durable & reliable.” just what they were looking for in a realistic, rugged training tool.  And one that looks the part on camera, too.

Game Designers "Gear Up"

And the training and support Tri-Core extended to NBC’s crew can also yield similar results for video game producers and designers, like the guys from SONY SCEA. “The developers of SOCOM, Drakes Fortune 2, MAG the video games.” says Ayres.” So as you can see, we are catering to very high-end clientele. I do not say this in an arrogant way but this shows the level in which we are taking Airsoft.

SO, Let the games begin!

The Tri-Core International team is excited to see what the NBC crew and Lester have in store, when their segment is set to run on Saturday’s Today Show. But the action and missions won’t stop there.  Jerame Ayers says “the weekend before Halloween in October we will be holding a large scale Airsoft Challenge to afford bragging rights to teams that prove themselves to our cadre and their peers to be the best. Our Challenge will involve physical tasks, basic and advanced tactics, Team Tasks and other related challenges. We are simply providing an outlet which we see the Airsoft community needs.  With visiting multiple fields and meeting a lot of great teams and individuals we have decided to create the challenge for them.”

And, the challenge…in front of or behind the cameras…training with Airsoft and Real-Steel, or, in the real-world around the globe, will make Tri-Core International an INNOVATOR of AIRSOFT to keep a close eye on!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Airies says:

    From the Tricore Founder to Thumpy, thank you for getting to the bottom of the story and giving credit where its due. I hope Tri-Core was able to bring some more light to the Airsoft industry. Sony and Lester Holt have not played Airsoft before and we created a Milsim senario based off our own expereiences.

    Thanks again

    The Founder and Team of Tricore

  2. Bev says:

    What a great team. And a great leader.

  3. Eric says:

    Very cool!!

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