Want to own a piece of CYBERGUN?

CYBER GUN WATCH  —  5 October 2010

Cyber-G Watch is catching wind of yet ANOTHER attempt to court investors and expand the Cybergun universe.  CEO Jerome Marsac and crew are announcing a PUBLIC OFFERING in a new bond issue, trying to raise even MORE capital for FY 2011.


Check out INTERVIEW OF THE WEEK from one of France’s top market watch sites:  Link to Google Translate Page is RIGHT HERE!

Sources that cover the French markets say Cyber-G’s offering NEXT WEEK is seeking INDIVIDUAL investors for the first time, in addition to Institutional investors…for a 6 year bond issue that will pay 8% a year…and get this…is trying to raise as much as 9 MILLION EUROS in new investment capital!  News for potential investors is that you can own shares (if you qualify, and this is NOT investment advice, so seek professional attention if you feel the need…perhaps a “professional” in the medical line…) for just 100 Euros a pop.

Quotes from the company say Cyber-G is aiming to diversify it’s funding sources within Cybergun’s “development strategy and international market share gains.”  They are projecting as much as a 20-PERCENT GROWTH this year….and one more bright-and-shining note:  Marsac reportedly is looking at continuing their recent trend of 1 to 2 new Airsoft-related business acquisitions per year…so more and more potential sources of products will come under the CYG umbrella!

Oh happy days!


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