Cybergun Raises 9-Million Euros in just ONE MONTH!


That’s right, Cyber-G Reports that their effort to raise capital for their latest “venture” topped the initial 9-million Euro target in October:

NEW: Cybergun Stock Quotes from

Excerpt From (LINK) :  Translation by Google’Translate

Cybergun, global player in [the] recreational shooting, announces the great success of [it’s] bond. The total orders received reached 9.434 million euros, above the ceiling of the transaction set at € 9,000,000.

The gross amount of the issue amounts to € 9,000,000, divided into 90,000 bonds at a price of 100 €, is the largest bond issue ordinary open to the public in SmallCap listed on NYSE Euronext Paris. The average service rate is above 95% *.

Settlement obligations Cybergun (Cybo – FR0010945725) is scheduled for October 18. Admission to trading on NYSE Euronext Paris will take place tomorrow.

Jerome Marsac, President and Founder of Cybergun, said: ”  I want to thank all investors, including hundreds of individuals who have trusted us and allowed this broad popular success, but also institutional investors who have not hesitated to with us despite the small size of our file. This proves the relevance of our approach and adherence to our strategy. The funds raised will enable us to finance our overseas development, to hire new talent and continue our winning market share. I sincerely hope that Cybergun opens the way, as desired by the government from direct financing of the economy through a square in Paris stronger bond issues in public.

Again.  Wow, Just WOW!

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