Time Time Time …is on our side, Yes it is!

Just like a blooming marriage, a fine wine, or a good “soak” for crab pots on the “Deadliest Catch”, it usually takes a little TIME and DISTANCE to see just what is developing in the Airsoft business world. And, whither the results will be DELICIOUS or just plain STINK LIKE FISH. And, to discover just what that might mean for Airsoft players/consumers, as the situation shakes out in the post-cheap Chinese clone-gun world.

So, how is Airsoft Manufacture like Crab Fishing, Cap’n Phil Style?

One of the recent trends we’ve been trying to quantify here at the 3-D House of Innovation is the NEXUS of where certain companies and distributors are really obtaining their products. Are they actually making them, from design to manufacture of individual parts, to assembly/packaging and distribution. OR, as Thumpy suspects, that they might not be fully forthcoming with their entire disrtribution chain.

Hence the current situation with Cyber-G, at least as far as King Arms is concerned. For those new to the game, King Arms made an incredible name with far-eastern players, and custom gun builders here in the ‘States, as a go-to MANUFACTURER of highly realiastic and well-build internal and external parts. By their own definition, from their Home Page, “KING ARMS is a manufacturer that aims to produce parts and accessories for airsoft toy guns and their relative products. From idea generating, planning, designing to manufacturing, King Arms tries to provide good quality goods at minimal cost. By means of it, King Arms was rapidly awarded with customers’ praises. King Arms will continue to improve in every aspect, thus delivering excellent products to the market.”

From their OWN YouTube Channel, check this KA video promo on Parts Quality:

Just look at their WEBSITE, too and check out the variety and volume of “bits and bobs” they have been turning out. It is truly and impressive display of what AIRSOFT INNOVATION can be, when properly managed, sourced and produced by a cutting-edge company.

Now, ‘comes the Cyber-G licensing juggernaut. In order to have products of “their own manufacture,” several large companies have been trolling the world’s Airsoft ocean…laying out strings of crab pots, baiting the “sets” with either threats or actual legal action, or softening the bait box with some nice juicy morsels of potential profitability and riches, if the little critters of the Airsoft World will just climb on into the nice metal box soaking on the bottom.  The longer the soak, the more potential for the big man on the boat to scoop up what he wants.

SO, Thumpy…what’s the rest of the story?  Is this Just a FISH TALE?

We offer the following, as some of the “Bait Trail” being laid-on in the wake of the Airsoft Fishing Fleet. Thanks, in no-small-measure to our buds over at Airsoft Soldier Magazine, who planted the seeds of this entry into the Cyber-G logs with a RECENT POST on their website. Like Thumps, you’ll have to go to the Magazine HERE to see the whole story, but we wouldn’t want to punch up their piece and all that hard work. Then…check out some of the following links-in-the-netting, to see what the 3-D House of Crabbers suspects might be another Pilot-House deal between the Cap’n and his crew:

EXHIBIT 1: In addition to licenses from S&W** (**for the time being…check earlier 19 June 2010 Cyber-G Watch posting on the S&W Vs.Cybergun laswuit in U.S. Federal Court AND NOW (AUGUST 2010) A LOGO NOTICEABLY ABSENT FROM THE BOTTOM OF CYBERGUN’S HOME PAGE)  Cybergun holds licenses for COLT, Knights Armament, Galil, AK-47/Kalashnikov/Dragunov and SIG Sauer and other worldwide “real gun” companies.  Guns currently also in KA’s Production lineup, along with Vltor and Troy-trademarked arms.

That’s pretty close to a full product lineup for Cybergun’s Long-Gun Lines.


Video from Cybergun YouTube Channel of the S&W M&P 15 Rifle, posted January 2010:

Listen carefully, as “Mr. Cybergun” drops the F-Bomb in their “sales presentation video!”  Nice.

EXHIBITS 3 and 4:

Coverage from the past 2 IWA Shows, where “SCAAR” From AATV shows off products from both companies…interestingly co-located in the same exhibit space.

King Arms Coverage from IWA 2010 from SCAAR AATV:

King Arms and Cybergun Coverage from IWA 2009, again from the incomparble SCAAR:


KING ARMS HK’s Official YouTube Channel is HERE: Check out what they show, in addition to product tests.

And, on their CONTACT US Page, guess who gets TOP BILLING?

CONCLUSIONS:  The “Deadliest Catch” of all?

We think at this point you can see the NEXUS of yet another Cyber-G deal-io.  If this is the way they plan on adding product, along with the recent biz-deals with Spartan Imports and Inokatsu, its it fairly obvious to most that INNOVATION is yet again relying on other companies, with a holographic Cyber-G logo stamped on the box.

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