The Cyber-G Watch here at the 3-D House of RECON is designed to be constantly ‘On-Point,’ looking out across the battle-scape of the Airsoft Internet, in search of actionable intelligence.  And in this recent post from the French website, we got a link to an AMAZING series of articles put together by a financial news group known as “ entitles CYBERGUN: Always Finger on the Trigger.

According to WikiPedia, a SICAV is like an open-ended Mutual Fund here in ‘the States;” in that “the investor is in principle entitled at all times to request the redemption of his units and payment of the redemption amount in cash.”

ThumpNote: That is an ultimately-interesting proposition, when one begins to consider the possibilities of funding a multi-national corporation whose major product lines are, in essence, licensed toy guns.  And, following where the Dollars and Euros might be coming from…or payable to…as one company continues on it’s meteoric rise…

With that in mind, the Cyber-G Watch invites you to dive into all 6-parts of this fascinating look inside CYBERGUN’s Past, Present and Future…and even includes an analyst’s prospectus for the near-future.

And, like good Force Recon Point Men, we’re going to make your navigation a bit easier, especially for you Non-French speakers…or those, like Thumpy, who are leaning hard on their High School French classes, some 30-plus-years after-the-fact!  (Thanks, Ms. Laura..I knew it would eventually come in handier than just understanding the scores at the Montreal Expos or Canadiens games!)

FOLLOW THIS LINK: to get to the front page of the French Version of SICAVOnline’s 6-part series on Cybergun

CLICK HERE: for the GOOGLE Translate version…French to English…or click the to-and-from languages of your choice.

And, to speed up the approach march for what will likely be an English-First readership here at the 3-D House of semi-francophones, the following GOOGLE Translate links will take you directly to each section of the report…with a quick synopsis of the highlights by Thumpy…keeping in mind the Fair Use rights of the authors…we want you to read their content at THEIR website…and click some links at random while you are there…they could surely use the affiliate page clicks from Airsofters around the world to drive up interest by Cyber-G for a FUTURE round of revealing banter by Monsieur Marsac and Friends!

  • Part Un: Five Points Cybergun –LINK HERE–  A General History and Financial Overview of Cyber-G, with some GEMS even the regular Cyber-G Watchers probably don’t know!
  • Part Deux: Course: Jerome Marsac Drastic at Cybergun –LINK HERE-Chalk it up to the bad translation, but read ALL OF THIS ONE Carefully, its like the High Command Structure relationships of Cyber-G!
  • Part Trois: Cybergun record results in 2009 and still good growth prospects LINK HERE for Section 3A-Why everything from waterguns to LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING is in their sights, and –LINK HERE– For Section 3B- Cybergun Profitability over 9 years (2001-2009) Charting the course of the Death Star!
  • Part Quatre: Cybergun faces Game Consoles 4th Generation-LINK HERE– How video games MAY put the scare into the Dark Side
  • Part Cinq: Inokatsu and Spartan (Imports)-2 strategic acquisitions to Cybergun-LINK HERE– How do the new partnerships shape the future from their perspective.  And what they think about Ho.
  • Part Six: Cybergun: The Perspective of the Analyst-LINK HERE– How does airsoft, paintball, the whole big Spaceball-of-Death shape up…at least as far as global airsoft financial domination?

That’s plenty to read for now…hope you all digest this information!  And, don’t forget to check out all the LATEST Cyber-G Headlines, at the MAIN PAGE of the CYBER-G WATCH RIGHT HERE!

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