A NEW Cyber-G Interview is ONLINE

The video is HERE, although the site will NOT allow video embedding:

Unless you’re fluent in French, or just want to SEE JEROME MARSAC in action in his native tongue, it won’t be of much help, The following translation, VIA GOOGLE Translate, from the transcript may help most of us! (Thumpy’s additions and highlights are in BOLD ITALICS below)

Web TV Mr. Marsac hello, you’re the CEO of Cybergun, we’ll talk with you about your results and your prospects. You’re in the area of recreational shooting. A market that has considerably. We will come back. You say that the exercise 2009 was a record year. What has been the engine of growth 2009?
Jerome Marsac CEO of Cybergun: “Well, I think in 2009 we can enjoy the fruit of several years. Since long
was invested for growth. 2009 was presented under the best auspices. It could make a strong rebound in Europe particularly.
I remember that growth is about 20%, 3% growth USA, 42% growth in Europe and 15% in the rest of the world.

Web TV The economic environment has played when even his role is to say when you see 3% in the U.S. is actually linked to economic conditions or is linked to other things or to a larger market mature, maybe?
Jerome Marsac CEO of Cybergun: “We can quite believe that if there had not had this period of crisis, growth would have been stronger USA. Most of our major customers, major chains U.S. distribution has been very cautious about their purchases for
the period of 2009. We completed our equity market in USA by many sales to resellers. Also we was supported by resellers of commerce: online retailers who offsetting a small decline on the major channels in the USA. However in Europe, we sell mainly to retailers and specialty much to resellers also e-commerce online. What explains the strength of growth in Europe. ” Web TV: How is the depreciation of the Euro for your company?
Jerome Marsac CEO of Cybergun: “The advantage is that it is relatively tight. It makes 70% of our billings in U.S. Dollar but we most of our suppliers because our production is situated in Asia South-dollar value is understandable. Finally we
have only 30% of our revenues at about the euro in the euro area, and part of our costs in the euro area. It balances out eventually: it is very little foreign exchange. ”

Web TV We spoke of replica weapons, brands, which are just now the blockbusters that are
receive more requests from customers?
Jerome Marsac CEO of Cybergun: “I think the big media draw the application so that it is extremely strong recent films like
the Thompson that is used by “Dillinger” at all games too videos. The recent shooting online video game “Call of Duty” created a
strong appetite of consumers. Those are heroes that save the world in some way and are still armed to the teeth.”

Web TV So you made also in 2009, a number of acquisitions. Is it possible to recall
objectives of these acquisitions?
Jerome Marsac CEO of Cybergun: “So in effect these acquisitions we have increased our distribution on the downstream. Especially in May we completed the acquisition of U.S. distributor – Spartan (Imports). We on the other side below the acquired plant very high range: Inokatzu. So it has developed on both sides external growth.

Web TV We talked about production in the area Asia. The challenge today is mastered by you for not be copied. How do you manage to maintain a length advance?
Jerome Marsac CEO of Cybergun: “While the world is copying the essence of our profession. We Also the first, were born Copiers somewhere. The strength of our company has to bounce ask the copyright holders of copyright licenses. Colt, Uzi,
Kalashnikov quickly we have trusted. It was in the first ask them the exclusive worldwide rights to these intellectuals. Therefore
Today the catalog is off a twenty brands we are the only ones able to exploit. But it’s still a race, a race against time. We work with partners who are also our copiers. They are copiers underground somehow therefore we go faster. Building better products, better quality, satisfy consumers with brands. “ Web TV: You were talking about the market side distributor and then the online market. What grows the most fast today? It’s online but it is not yet majority. How it is?
Jerome Marsac CEO of Cybergun: “Indeed it is far from the majority but from our dealers online is growing rapidly.
Their sales are also growing strongly. We can talk about 40% of average growth for most retailers who are mainly focused on online. And the best of them are balance with some specialty stores bring Council, to provide after-sales service and online sales for two-thirds. ”

Web TV We saw in the images of introduction you have both replicas of military weapons, weapons known conventional weapons are going to say. But also in leisure, the share of Leisure is currently developing?
Jerome Marsac CEO of Cybergun: “Yes, absolutely including the gun water (water guns). It was launched for the first time this year a 300 machine gun Loved minute draws small balls of water somehow. A product, due out in replicates of Kalashnikov AK 47 or SIG 550 a retail price of about $ 20. That is to say 20 euros. This can be very expensive for a water pistol because it is a few dollars or usually a few euros, but has the advantage of being full-automatic. ”

Web TV This section “leisure” will continue to develop?
Jerome Marsac CEO of Cybergun: “It grows and develops even more and harder. A market leader is Hasbro nerve (Nerf) with its range which is more known internationally. It must the almost 250 million dollars in turnover in this segment. So there it is a little bit in the wheel but with Hasbro competitive advantage. Several patents are important barriers, including the “Wipeout” is a kind of dart gun foam similar to nerve to score but his opponent with a little chalk powder and that way you can keep score. ”

Web TV The base is now on the side of licenses. Is that licenses are renewed normally, okay without risk, or sometimes there are no licenses renewed?
Jerome Marsac CEO of Cybergun: “Yes there are always risks. This is a portfolio, so occasionally a brand new company, a
old mark spell. It works this portfolio. We renew it. It is also necessary not to sell all the time the same products the same brands. Let’s move. That’s half the figure business. The other half of sales being made with our own brands in our own catalog. “ Web TV: How do you see the year 2010?

Jerome Marsac CEO of Cybergun: “Indeed we are very enthusiastic about our market niche that is very special. The first months of the year we suggest that is quite on the ball to follow as last year a growth slope supported.  In terms of organic growth: the demand is there. New products were also. All channels of distribution our products, particularly in the USA, has resumed its pace opening of new sales point. Simultaneously acquisitions we were talking earlier about the Pacific, as Inokatzu, Spartan (Imports), we also provide at a minimum 10% external growth.  So we should do for the 15th consecutive year to nearly 20% of growth in 2010.

Web TV A concluding word on the situation financial debt has decreased, but some may feel that
remains important. You mentioned acquisitions. What is the level debt that you want? Will you continue your
defease or other acquisitions are possible?

Jerome Marsac CEO of Cybergun: “While the acquisitions have been made in a partnership. The main leaders of these companies became shareholders since we essentially acquitted the acquisition by way of self-possession of the company. Therefore Cybergun titles, which were paid for the acquisition, which were IFRS offset zero, the funds have now become own. What is mechanically martingale sublime to – and acquisitions – and to strengthen the capital simultaneously. Cost cash has been very modest. We are delighted to welcome these managers who complement our network of “warriors” through world. They allow us to gain market share against the Diaspora competitors. ”


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