CYBER-G WATCH: The Rise of Cybergun





Late News into the Cyber-G Watch, as First Quarter Profits Reports are posted…UP 27 PERCENT FROM Q1 of LAST YEAR!!!!

“Cybergun, world leader in recreational shooting, (has an) explosive start to the year thanks to the ever-growing success of its products. In three months, the group had 14.1 million (Euros) worth of turnover, which is the best start in its history and the second consecutive quarter of over 14 million (Euros) worth of billings. In Q1, the turnover of the group Cybergun rose 27%. A sustained organic growth with the integration of Spartan Imports, the leading high-end Airsoft (distributor in) California, effective from 1 June 2010. Excluding acquisitions and exchange rate basis, sales jumped 18%.

The breakdown by geographical area remained broadly stable over 1 year. The U.S., which sees a tremor (in) Cybergun demand in recent weeks, represent around 62% of sales. Europe contributes 34%, the group reaping the fruits of its marketing investments.

The acquisition of Inokatsu will in the coming months to reinforce the position of the Cybergun very upscale presence while enhancing the Asian market (4% of sales).  Other acquisition projects currently under consideration to continue the virtuous circle (???) of development that allows Cybergun progress at an annual rate of growth of 20% for 14 years while improving its financial structure.

Wow. Just, Wow. I can’t imagine what THIS GUY would think of that kind of growth in this Global Economic Environment. Maybe Airsoft guns and gear are the future heart of world finance! Or, just Global Domination…???


UPDATE: 20 July 2010…Yet ANOTHER Online Interview with Jerome Marsac…is he the leader of a “Network of Warriors?  Click on the PICTURE BELOW TO See the French-language video or to READ the English transcript, courtesy GOOGLE Translate:


UPDATE: 12 July 2010…an ONLINE Interview with Cybergun CEO Jerome Marsac!

Thumpy scores again…as we continue to Scan the Web for Cyber-G tales and tidbits!

Follow the LINK HERE for a French-to-English translation, via Google Translate, for the latest business information from Cybergun!


UPDATE: 2 July 2010…FN/Cybergun Announcement

Cybergun reportedly has picked up new Trademark Licenses!

An INSIDER in the Cyber-G world has joined Thumpy’s Merry Band of Watchers….and is reporting that not only has Cybergun picked up a licensing agreement from FN…and no telling WHERE that might go!….but our source is also saying that CYBERGUN WILL HAVE A U.S.A. LICENSE AGREEMENT WITH COLT.  Thumpy is working on confirmation or denial from all sources!

UPDATE: Here’s Cyber-G’s own release with today’s FN News:

The COLT announcement could be in response to the Inokatsu All-Steel M1911 handgun that’s being demonstrated in the Cyber-G VIDEO BELOW from the Eurosatory Military Expo, and, one could conject that it may also mean Colt tradmarks in the USA for a line of M-4/M-16 “Black” rifles and their cousins/siblings in either AEG or GBB livery.

Thanks to our new “deep source” at a Cyber-G affiliate!  Keep those cards and letters coming…and PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO LEAVE COMMENTS BELOW, GUYS….THE COMPANY IS NOW DIRECTLY READING THIS PAGE AND IS RESPONDING TO YOUR COMMENTS!


UPDATE: 28 June 2010

Cybergun Releases Annual Earnings report: After the market close in Paris, Cybergun released it’s annual report on profits, with full-year earnings of 3.3 MILLION Euros, up from 1.1 MILLION Euros from the previous year!

That’s a TON of profit in one year, driving their stock prices higher….and proving a couple of key points.  Cybergun is a FORCE to be reckoned with in international airsoft, working from it’s position-of-strength via licensing arrangements with all those real-steel gun companies.  And, they nor their investors appear to be too worried about regulation at home in France, or issues in the U.S., or in recent litigation.

VIA Bloomberg Business Week:

CHECK THUMPY’S Translation of the report, via Google Translate HERE:


UPDATE: 24 June 2010

Cybergun Watch INNOKATSU FIND!
This is the FIRST NEW VIDEOS FROM Cybergun and Inokatsu since their announced merger, showing upcoming products at the EUROSATORY Military Expo!

First Looks at M4 GBB AND New Inokatsu 1911″

And, the teasing little bit at the end…about putting out a Stainless-Steel Desert Eagle. Yea, that’s JUST what INNOVATIVE Airsoft companies want to push out to their salivating customers. Or, is it? COMMENT Below and lets us know what YOU think!



EDITORIAL: THUMPY is hopeful that Mr. Marsac’s comments in this video are discussed, analyzed and debated within the Airsoft community, and we continue to search for information as part of our Cyber-G Watch.


Update: 19 June 2010

My My, What have we HERE? Check out our latest Cyber-Sleuthing….as we await some confirmation on what this development might mean from a former S&W insider…

LATE DETAILED information Saturday 19 June 2010 from Everything Airsoft on the details of the allegations against Cybergun and Palco Sports:

AND, and update on Cybergun’s website count…wonder what THIS will look like next month, with all of YOU checking them out?

UPDATE: 14 June 2010

POPULAR AIRSOFT is joining the Cyber-G Watch.…check out their article, and watch for comments exchanges on this IMPORTANT TOPIC Right here AND at Popular Airsoft


Two major announcements have Cybergun back on everyone’s Airsoft Radar, including Thumpy’s.

First, that the French mega-firm had acquired Inokatsu, the INNOVATIVE manufacturer of high-end specialty and support guns from Taiwan.  Then, an apparent rumor or prank late Friday afternoon, 11 June 2010, that Cybergun had purchased Spartan Imports, one of if not THE top-line US importers, and distributor of product lines from most of the world’s major Airsoft producers.

Could it be true?

Well, we’ve been getting some confirmation that, YES, it is true…although none yet directly from Cybergun or Spartan Imports (stay tuned for details)….but the recent reports have at the very least combined to reshape the face of the Airsoft Industry for the forseeable future.

That’s why T3DHA is staring this new section: CYBER-G WATCH….to keep YOU posted on Cybergun sightings in the news, and to hopefully begin a dialogue between those who are seeing INNOVATION in Airsoft with what has become the preeminent company in our sport around the globe.

Start at Cybergun’s Website:

OK, Haters.  Let’s bust through some of the Anti-Cyber-G Flak first.  These guys are NOT hiding…if you consider posting corporate intent statements in the front of their catalog “Hiding”…I suggest anyone who wants to know what the company is saying about itself, start with a trip to the “Death Star” and check out Cybergun’s website…AND download their current PDF catalog, where you’ll even get to see the face of their “leader”, and read his musings in 3 different languages! (French and Spanish-language versions of the site are available, along with Russian and Arabic, and its E/F/S in the catalog.)

Cybergun’s Beginnings…WHAT is CYBER-G?

A good description of the CURRENT CyberGun operation comes via Reuters online financials reporting website.

“Cybergun is a France-based company that designs and distributes replica firearms. Made from either plastic or metal, the Company’s soft air guns are exact replicas of products from firearms manufacturers. Its soft air guns are intended for use in leisure and sports on targets or outdoors, and require protective glasses. The Company manufactures soft air-gun replicas of a wide range of firearm brands, including Smith & Wesson, Beretta, Kalashnikov, Fames, Uzi, Sig Sauer, Mauser and Colt. The Company’s soft air guns are mainly distributed in arms shops and fishing and hunting shops. It is also operational through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Microtrade, and via indirect subsidiaries, including Cybergun International SA, Cybergun USA, Softair USA Inc., Palco Sports, Asgun Doo, Cybergun Hong Kong, Tech Group HK, Tech Group UK and Tech Group US. In March 16, 2009, the Company acquired X-Guns, a Danish company specialized in the distribution of replica firearms.”

Picking Apart the details:

The part about Cybergun “Manufacturers soft air-guns” has always been in some dispute, as C-Gun’s rise has been predicated on actually acquiring licensing agreements from various real-steel gun manufacturers for their trademark and trade dress(appearance or ‘look” of a particular gun to the real-steel counterpart) and copyright/trade rights.  Cybergun is currently listing on its web site agreements with the following: Colt, Desert Eagle, DPMS, Famas, Galil, GSG, Jericho, Kalashnikov, Mauser, Mossberg, Schmeisser, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Swiss Arms, Taurus, Tavor, Thompson and Uzi.  Add to that MAGPUL PTS as one of the newest product lines… Major power players ONE AND ALL in the world small-arms markets.  (when did licensing aquisition begin?)

Some of their many partners on the Airsoft and Paintball sides of the business include JT Sports, for which Cybergun is the European distribution partner since January 2010, ARES, and now, Inokatsu and Spartan Imports.

Men (and Women) with a mission: WHO is Cyber-G?

Who are the principals in the company? Check Reuters for the latest “Insider” listings:

The biographies listed on-line for each of the directors shows them to be MAJOR HITTERS in international business, with ties to major universities, the French government and with advanced business and law degrees. Most have been part of the company since the beginning, around 1995.  Key principals are:

Jerome Marsac, Chairman of the Board since August 1, 1995

Eric Gruau, Director of development for Cybergun in the US since 2009 after being Managing Director

Where are they based? In France, with affiliate organizations including Palco Sports and others in the US, Hong Kong, the UK and Denmark.

NEWS UPDATE: Cybergun details are likely to be fleshed out when they release their Annual Earnings Report for 2009, projected date for the release is 28 June 2010, and Thumpy will have the details HERE.

For sourcing, check some of these links:

Reuters News Updates, via CyberGun’s Parent Company Posting on the Paris Stock Exchange:

More financials and background from, a French-based market news firm:

SoftAir USA’s OWN company history:Look under tab for CORPORATE-HISTORY

Coverage from the Wall Street Journal in 2004….read the quotes HERE:

An ONLINE PETITION of some interest…Hmmmm….


Leave all Comments and Cyber-G Sightings in the COMMENTS SECTION BELOW…so that we can build the definitive links collection to all things Cyber-G

For information on Copywright Infringement and Trade Dress, check wiki’s links:

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Tyler westerman says:

    I find Cybergun products suck in general, as the licencing can be rubbed off, futhermore very recently they have managed to prevent imports of Tokyo marui guns into the UK, TM are a much older an experienced company who produce fantastic products, an for someone like Cybergun to kick them off the uk scen is completely obsurd. Why do they do this? Quite simply greed, good day

  2. Steve says:

    I bought a Cybergun P226 X-Five. The product is pretty good but Cyberguns customer service is awful. I tried contacting them directly for information about a replacement part and got no response. I tried contacting their US division and was referred back to France. I tried SMK, their UK distributer. Nine attempts on the phone and three emails later I was told that they don’t do spares. I even contacted Cyberguns CEO, I know he got the email, but he ignored it and didn’t even forward it on despite my apologies for bothering him and asking for his help. A great example you’re setting there Mr Marsac!

    I don’t care about the fact that the guns are made by another party, trade marked up and sold at a premium. Every company that exists puts a mark up on products they sell. And to be honest I don’t really care about Cyberguns alleged willingness to sue. The courts will sort out any of that. It’s all down to the customer service. The ability to go the extra mile. Cybergun buy in the products, don’t stock the spares, label the products as disposable when a simple component breaks and don’t return emails or calls.

    The P226 is actually manufactured by KWC and I contacted them via email in English. This is a Taiwanese company and despite the staff not knowing a word of English they made the effort and managed to ship me the replacement part in the end. Lesson learnt. Don’t deal with a French company who see their customers as disposable, buy from a company who actually care or the original equipment manufacturer.

    1. ThumpMaster6 says:

      What can we say? Thanks for sharing your story, Steve. It WILL make a difference.

  3. Jareth says:

    Honestly, I could care less about trademark BS. Unless I see REAL improvement on their externals and internals I will not even touch their products.

    It’s pretty sad that I had bought one of their licensed sig556’s and the gear box stripped in less then 1000 rounds, not to mention the lower receiver was splitting on the magwell by the third day I had it, before I could even field it. Went to take it apart and the receiver cracked in half from the magwell to the rear of the trigger guard. I am not the only one either in my area to have major problems with their sig series.

    And don’t make me list the people with issues with their M4/M16 series. Gearbox shells that won’t line up? Seriously what is with that?

    Having a license means they paid $$$ to advertise for a real firearms company. Mostly because they believe most airsofters think trade=quality.

    How about this, cybergun if you are REALLY still reading this I am willing to do a real field review and test for you on your M4 series to be posted on NEASG. If you really want to stand behind your products and prove that you have improved. My email is Give me some contact information and you will hear from me.

    It will be compared to the G&G combat machine, and my personal G&P Moe carbine, which only has slight work to it (stronger spring, 6.01mm barrel and systema bucking).

    The challenge has been issued, will you accept?

  4. Allen says:

    Ok.. what’s with the “Playing War” question from the host?

  5. Splatmaster says:

    I for one am very excited about where cybergun is headed. They are getting their act together, getting licensing agreements, getting away from their shoddy origins, and doing it the right way. They have their heads on straight, I think only good can come from a large, experienced retail company taking a lead in the industry.

  6. Nick says:

    I’m very apprehensive to think that this could, would, or can be a good thing. Cybergun has shown they like to sue (as does Magpul PTS) but not raise the bar on their product quality. If they make these acquisitions and simply add trademarks that they own licenses to, like with the ICS Sig’s, I’d feel better about that.

    While I’m worried about them disparaging the reputations of the brands they now own, I’m hoping it means they’re trying to turn things around and actually make a good product without charging double what they would normally cost.

  7. thumpmaster6 says:

    Leave a comment in the box below. Do you have a Cyber-G story, link to information, or just want to say something? Put it here, and we’ll build the best collection of information on the web to track Cybergun Airsoft developments. Thumpy…OVER

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