CYBERGUN WATCH… Did “THEY” just buy Gene Simmons?


CYBERGUN WATCH is back… with HUGE NEWS that Cyber-G is setting terms for their next major expansion, moving into the world of VIDEO GAMES, themed and tied to their portfolio of Airsoft Guns, gear and accessories.

At a press conference with business media members in Paris on 9 February 2011 28 February 2011, (reported HERE and HERE) CYBERGUN announced terms of an on-going negotiation to purchase I2G, Interactive Game Group, described as an “executive” company headed by former Atari Interactive Chief Executive Officer Frederic Chesnais, and formed around a corporate strategy, much as CYBER-G was, of leverage of intellectual property rights in the convergence of real property (ie: CYBERGUN’s Product physical airsoft and other “lines”) and the digital world (Video games and entertainment products) “coordinated” by I2G….according to I2G’s Website, partners in game production include Atari (LINK), Interplay (LINK) producers of the “Fallout” games, Southpeak Games (LINK), 3-G Studios (LINK), Collision Studios (LINK), and others….


So, in today’s economy, What does 16.8 Million Euros get you?

Well, apparently I2G has already negotiated rights with Gene “KISS” my “FAMILY JEWELS” Simmons (WEBSITE HERE) for video game-related projects….

AND, Add Jillian Michaels Athletics to the proposed CYBER-G Stable, too. (WEBSITE HERE)  (And, while you are at it, insert your own “BIGGEST LOSER” punchline here, if you must….we’ll wait till you finish….OK.)  And, you could even add on to the “Double D’s” jokes from Jillian’s “other” new partner, Go Daddy…which means she may even be tempted to wear a 6 “M-M” BB or two in future commercial endorsements, perhaps along with former MTV-babe Daisy Fuentes (LINK HERE, to her SEGA game title), also developing exercise/fitness related video products via I2G.

THUMPY’S BACKGROUND:  This was not an un-predicted move by Cybergun, as we heard directly from Cybergun representatives, up to and including CEO Jerome Marsac, who revealed at the SHOT Show 2011 that they would be producing/distributing a new line of BLACKWATER USA-trademarked Airsoft guns and gear, as seen in Thumpy’s photos from the Cybergun/Palco/Softair USA display hub.

We will have expanded details, and further announcements on our query to CYBERGUN  HQ for their direct input on this breaking story….as it develops!

For those new to the old CYBER -G Watch, let’s do a brief recap:

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For background on I2G: Click THIS LINK

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