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Crosman’s Official Word on Thumpy’s Marines Airsoft Comments…and YOUR COMMENTS, TOO!

OK, our “insider” contact with Crosman has been in touch about THIS prior week’s comments (LINK HERE) on the launch of MARINES AIRSOFT, the official “marketing” arm of Crosman and the USMC.  In the interests of full disclosure, we’ve redacted part of Laura’s e-gram at her request.

We’ll leave it up to Crosman and/or the Marines to clarify their choices….

“Hello Alan,

Thank you for sharing the sentiments of yourself and your audience.  We value your opinion.

We do, however have a plan in place.  Since entering into the agreement with the USMC, we have planned to roll it out in phases:  opening price point, better/best, and possibly collector grade.  As this has been our plan since day one, we ask that the airsoft community be patient with us.

(REDACTED INFORMATION HERE: Withheld at Laura’s Request)

We appreciate your candor.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.


Laura Evans”

AND, again for disclosure, here was THUMPY’S Letter that prompted the response above:


You asked for comments, and airsofters are talking.  Here are some of the links to comment threads and articles on Marines Airsoft.  Obviously your market for the Marines Airsoft brand is not targeted towards mainstream airsofter game players; perhaps some further conversations with the American and world airsoft community might be beneficial.  I know from our prior discussions that more is on-the-way, and at a different level of productions (we all hope) that will reflect positively on your efforts.  I am always available to assist where ever I can.  As an American Airsofter, former newsman/news director and businessman, a supporter of the Marine Corps here in my “hometown of the Marines,” where I routinely play airsoft with Marines and Wounded Warrors, and as a concerned parent of 3 boys who is deeply worried about the direction of the airsoft business, I want to help facilitate conversations and real change in the sport.

I believe your company is uniquely positioned in the USA to make change happen.  Do you?




Please feel free to contact me for any followups.


Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft

Cyber-G Watch: Blackwater Video Game Heads to 360

Super nice find by our buds VicOptimus and Gungho Cowboy over at POPULAR AIRSOFT, as we have been waiting since our first reports earlier this year (LINKS HERE) , and especially since the E3 games show this week, to hear about the first Cyber-G entry into Airsoft-meets-Video games…and the first sightings of their tie-in to Blackwater Worldwide:

Screen Shot courtesy Popular Airsoft and Kotaku.com...click photo for their review


CLICK THE PIC BELOW for Another gallery of screen shots from KOTAKU.COM

Courtesy Kotaku.com...hey, notice how FRANCE is the center of the World on the map in the background? Hmmm, wonder if that came with the contract and the Euros!

Another story about the game from WIRED.COM‘s E3 Coverage: LINK HERE

Cinema Blend has short coverage: LINK HERE

AND, Kotaku’s REVIEW and take on the game, after they got HANDS ON at E3:  LINK HERE



THUMPY SHOT SHOW Update #7 – Crosman And Game Face

AIRSOFT MADE IN THE USA?  Maybe not too much longer….

We made a stop at CROSMAN/Game Face Airsoft’s SHOT SHOW display, and had a righteous conversation with several of their product reps, including top Airsoft line guru, Jim Masseth!
Here are some THUMPY Photos from Crosman’s GAME FACE lineup of HIGHER END Airsoft Guns….they are making great strides in upgrading to more metal pistols, licensing with trademarks from BUSHMASTER….
and, leveraging Crosman’s years of experience in CO2 airguns to push out some mighty impressive products..when they put their hearts behind the effort!  Here’s a quick look as SOME of what they’ll be putting out from their plant in NEW YORK STATE, USA this year!

Crosman’s BIG SHOT Show announcement involved an electronically controllable Pro-Hunting Grade Air Rifle that is being promoted by Pro Hunter Jim Shockey…so they CAN make a solid product, IF they decide they want to.  And, from what we were told at the Crosman display, AIRSOFT is a HUGE and GROWING part of Crosman’s sales totals, so the bosses should be listening to their customers.

IF you’d like a closer look, Check out GAME FACE Airsoft on their webpage RIGHT HERE! And, Thumpy will be pushing out a video interview with Jim Masseth from the SHOT Show 2011 edition SHORTLY!
AND, Special Thanks to Crosman’s Marketing Coordinator Laura Evans, and Web and Social Media Manager Chip Hunnicutt, who used to live in Wilmington, NC…just down the road from THUMPY, before Chip moved NORTH to “Lake Effect Snow Land” in UPSTATE NEW YORK.  That is just the OPPOSITE of the move the THUMPSTER made many, many blizzards ago!

Thumpy SHOT SHOW News #4 KWA USA First Look!

Thumpy is just back upstairs from a FIRST QUICK RUN to the KWA USA Booth…and our buddy Allen “Allizard” Lau gave us the low-down on just SOME of the new guns they are showing here for the first time!

Wait ’till you get a load of KWA USA’s product line!  THIS IS INNOVATION, folks!

THESE ARE JUST FIRST-RUN PICTURES, MORE DETAILS and VIDEO Coming shortly…And if you want NEWS on the KRISS (THIS ONE IS NOT YOUR DADDY’s SUPER V, EITHER!), M-4 “Black Rifles”, H&K Tactical and even RED STAR fans will all be drooling!


MAJOR UPDATE on Airsoft Innovation THIS WEEKEND from THUMPY’s 3-D

We have new photos and test video of the PolarStar High Pressure Air (HPA) Mechbox Replacement engine…the past is a new FUTURE for Airsoft….along with update on major games, another Dr. Airsoft facemask test that is FAIL material for your teeth….and all the latest INNOVATION news.  Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft  http://Thumpmaster6.wordpress.com


That’s right…its out first birthday…and you can read all about our FIRST AMAZING YEAR at the 3-D House of Airsoft….or visit Thumpy’s buddy VIC over at POPULAR AIRSOFT.COM and Read all about it!!! THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS….and PLEASE SPEAK UP AND TELL US WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE….We’re doing this all for YOU!
Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft  http://ThumpMaster6.wordpress.com

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More Prototype PHOTOS and DETAILS for PolarStar’s HPA Airsoft ENGINE at THUMPY’s

NEW PHOTOS AND DETAILS FROM POLARSTAR’S ROY NOJI…WANT ONE FOR CHRISTMAS?  You might get your WISH!   A WORKING PROTOTYPE for PolarStar’s INNOVATIVE Mechbox Replacement Engine….the HPA Gearbox Engine… is NOW INSIDE A GUN and testing has begun.   SEE THE VIDEO..NEW PHOTOS…and links to more of the FUTURE OF AIRSOFT.   AIRSOFT NEWS at THUMPY’S 3-D HOUSE OF AIRSOFT    http://ThumpMaster6.wordpress.com

AIRSOFT News and a DIY project All this WEEKEND at Thumpy’s 3-D

Make a “clown hat” for your Israeli/Modern loadout, find out about a NEW EVENT from the MilSim Boys, what WE want to see in Smart Phone Apps for AIRSOFT…and so much MORE INNOVATION NEWS, all this weekend at THUMPY’S 3-D HOUSE OF AIRSOFT  http://Thumpmaster6.wordpress.com


That’s right…Play the home version of SPOT THE MOOSE, today at THUMPY’s 3-D House of Airsoft!  Lots of news, Tons of Action and….Moose, without Squirrel….all at the 3-D House of Moose!  T. Moose, Esq, proprietor  http://Thumpmaster6.wordpress.com

Come and Get it while its HOT! AIRSOFT NEWS from THUMPY

That’s right, a steamin’ helping of Airsoft goodness today at the 3-D House of Waffle-Mags!  Lots of news from retailers…a TON of video  AND the stuff you’ve come to expect from THUMPY every stinkin’ time you come through the doors!  SO, what’s stopping you?  Pull up a seat and we’ll get the coffee…Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft!  http://Thumpmaster6.wordpress.com

Hot Followup Airsoft News at Thumpy’s

Big Monday has some updates to the KWA/Magpul “marriage” Well, “engagement” as Popular Airsoft puts it today…and some GREAT NEW VIDEOS coming in from Op Pine Plains IV and other action…at Thumpy’s 3-D  http://Thumpmaster6.wordpress.com

Thumpy BECOMES the Airsoft News this weekend!

Check out the off-the-field battle shaping up to see who is Bad Ass and who is notPopular Airsoft‘s great website gets Thumpy’s story out…see for yourself, today at THUMPY’S 3-D House of Airsoft: http://Thumpmaster6.wordpress.com