Cyber-G Watch: Blackwater Video Game Heads to 360

– Super nice find by our buds Vic, Optimus and Gungho Cowboy over at POPULAR AIRSOFT, as we have been waiting since our first reports earlier this year (LINKS HERE) , and especially since the E3 games show this week, to hear about the first Cyber-G entry into Airsoft-meets-Video games…and the first sightings of their tie-in to Blackwater…

THUMPY SHOT SHOW Update #7 – Crosman And Game Face

AIRSOFT MADE IN THE USA?  Maybe not too much longer…. We made a stop at CROSMAN/Game Face Airsoft’s SHOT SHOW display, and had a righteous conversation with several of their product reps, including top Airsoft line guru, Jim Masseth! Here are some THUMPY Photos from Crosman’s GAME FACE lineup of HIGHER END Airsoft Guns….they are…

Thumpy SHOT SHOW News #4 KWA USA First Look!

Thumpy is just back upstairs from a FIRST QUICK RUN to the KWA USA Booth…and our buddy Allen “Allizard” Lau gave us the low-down on just SOME of the new guns they are showing here for the first time! Wait ’till you get a load of KWA USA’s product line!  THIS IS INNOVATION, folks! THESE…

MAJOR UPDATE on Airsoft Innovation THIS WEEKEND from THUMPY’s 3-D

We have new photos and test video of the PolarStar High Pressure Air (HPA) Mechbox Replacement engine…the past is a new FUTURE for Airsoft….along with update on major games, another Dr. Airsoft facemask test that is FAIL material for your teeth….and all the latest INNOVATION news.  Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft


That’s right…its out first birthday…and you can read all about our FIRST AMAZING YEAR at the 3-D House of Airsoft….or visit Thumpy’s buddy VIC over at POPULAR AIRSOFT.COM and Read all about it!!! THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS….and PLEASE SPEAK UP AND TELL US WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE….We’re doing this all for YOU! Thumpy’s 3-D…

More Prototype PHOTOS and DETAILS for PolarStar’s HPA Airsoft ENGINE at THUMPY’s

NEW PHOTOS AND DETAILS FROM POLARSTAR’S ROY NOJI…WANT ONE FOR CHRISTMAS?  You might get your WISH!   A WORKING PROTOTYPE for PolarStar’s INNOVATIVE Mechbox Replacement Engine….the HPA Gearbox Engine… is NOW INSIDE A GUN and testing has begun.   SEE THE VIDEO..NEW PHOTOS…and links to more of the FUTURE OF AIRSOFT.   AIRSOFT NEWS at THUMPY’S 3-D…

AIRSOFT News and a DIY project All this WEEKEND at Thumpy’s 3-D

Make a “clown hat” for your Israeli/Modern loadout, find out about a NEW EVENT from the MilSim Boys, what WE want to see in Smart Phone Apps for AIRSOFT…and so much MORE INNOVATION NEWS, all this weekend at THUMPY’S 3-D HOUSE OF AIRSOFT


That’s right…Play the home version of SPOT THE MOOSE, today at THUMPY’s 3-D House of Airsoft!  Lots of news, Tons of Action and….Moose, without Squirrel….all at the 3-D House of Moose!  T. Moose, Esq, proprietor

Come and Get it while its HOT! AIRSOFT NEWS from THUMPY

That’s right, a steamin’ helping of Airsoft goodness today at the 3-D House of Waffle-Mags!  Lots of news from retailers…a TON of video  AND the stuff you’ve come to expect from THUMPY every stinkin’ time you come through the doors!  SO, what’s stopping you?  Pull up a seat and we’ll get the coffee…Thumpy’s 3-D House…

Hot Followup Airsoft News at Thumpy’s

Big Monday has some updates to the KWA/Magpul “marriage” Well, “engagement” as Popular Airsoft puts it today…and some GREAT NEW VIDEOS coming in from Op Pine Plains IV and other action…at Thumpy’s 3-D