Something Rotten in Airsoft? Don’t be CRABBY like Thumpy!

A BRAND NEW Special Report on Cybergun and King Arms as the CYBER-G WATCH Continues…how is Airsoft INNOVATION like crab fishing on the DEADLIEST CATCH?  Find out today! Also, NEW Videos from Scoutthedoggie and a Tactics Video from Mind Games Productions, an update on Oddball’s BAR scratch-built beauty…and MORE NEW AIRSOFT INNOVATIONS, at Thumpy’s 3-D…

Tons of Airsoft FUN all this week at THUMPY’s 3-D!

Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft is coming your way THIS WEEK WITH ANOTHER AMAZIN’ RECON MISSION into Airsoft INNOVATION! Check out a NEW ACR/MASADA, straight from the box…get all the news in ONE PLACE…and GREAT VIDEOS AND MAGAZINES…including a download of the newest RECON RAG….She’s a dual-wielding HOTTIE! Check it NOW! Thumpy’s 3-D and

ALL AIRSOFT VIDEO UPDATE and Cybergun Watch Continues at THUMPY’S

We’ve got a load of new videos for you, on the News Front Page AND in Thumpy’s ALL-VIDEO UPDATE Section…which scans the best of the web every day from Thumpy’s YouTube and VIMEO Channels! Check it OUT!  Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft

AIRSOFT NEWS for 26 January from THUMPY 3-D

OK, lots going on today…with feedback from Oddball on the first game with his Home Brewed PPSH-41, Booligan gets fragged, Alleyway Airsoft bring on the Masada, and much more…also Thumpy’s 3-D Helmet Launcher goes BALLISTIC…all today at Thumpy’s House of Horrors!