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New Battle Positions at South Field

Here’s a look at some of the volunteer construction efforts that are reshaping the World Famous South Field at Jacksonville/Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.  Led by Vinnie “Salty” Gizzarelli, bunkers and new trench lines are going in near the MOUT site/CQB City, and more military-inspired battle positions are coming soon.

Check our our other video of the first part of the trench line “in action” during a training session.

That part of the line is being upgraded as well, and will be in “fighting shape” for future Airsoft/MilSim and Real-Mil events at South Field.

Real Heroes and AIRSOFTERS to get a NEW HOME!

Congrats to our buddy and a true American hero, Vinnie “Lifer” Gizzarelli from Airsoft Team RAPTOR 1, a “Wounded Warrior”,a hero from two deployments in OIF AND OEF….and a real inspiration to everyone around “South Field” and in the North Carolina Airsoft Community….And his Wife (and airsofter) Jamie and their whole family, as they get some unbelieveable news on the nationwide John Boy and Billy Radio Show in Charlotte, NC Monday Morning!


More on the story from our Hometown Newspaper…the Jacksonville Daily News, RIGHT HERE

Coming in JULY…More on Vinnie, the Raptor 1 gang and their friends in “WARRIORS ONCE MORE” Feature story from Thumpy, in the UPCOMING ISSUE of Take AIM Magazine!…available July 12th across North America…

Stay Tuned here at Thumpy’s 3-D House of AIrsoft, as we bring you more of Vinnie’s handiwork in the epic rebuild at “South Field”..in new videos on Thumpy’s YouTube Channel:  AT THIS LINK

To see more on VINNIE as an Airsoft Hero…check out our earlier “People of AIRSOFT” Photo feature…RIGHT HERE

3-D Tactics No.1: How to clear and hold a trench line

We’re starting a new feature here at the 3-D House of Airsoft:  No.1 in a series of videos designed to get you thinking, talking and DOING tactics that will improve your Airsoft & MilSim game.

OK, Watch and learn, as some of the ‘boys from the World Famous SOUTH FIELD in Jacksonville/Camp Lejeune, NC put on a demonstration on how to take control of a trench line and bunker complex, and then defend it against a counter-attack:

NOW, Use this video as a starting point for your own “school circle:”  What did they do right?  What went wrong? How important was communication..and the brevity of communication…in directing the assault and then building the defense? Please feel free to post up your comment either here or with the videos at the 3-D YouTube channel…Keep them CLEAN…and Thumps will moderate-‘n-post for everyone to share and learn!

Special Thanks to Vinnie “Lifer” Gizzarelli from Team Raptor 1 behind-the-scenes, “DOC” (yea, a real Navy Corpsman was the fireteam leader for this op!) and the ‘guys at South Field!



Get over to the 3-D House of Airsoft (LINK) or Thumpy’s YouTube Channel (LINK HERE), for a BRAND NEW VIDEO, with one of the hottest teams in Airsoft…RAPTOR 1, as they show you how to practice for CQB.  PLUS, all the latest INNOVATION NEWS….and stay tuned for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT from THUMPY LATER THIS WEEK!  Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft  http://Thumpmaster6.wordpress.com

FINALLY…New Video at THUMPY’S 3-D House of AIRSOFT

We’re bangin’ away at the edit bay today…hey, that rhymes…and we’re posting up new videos at THUMPY’S just as quickly as YouTube will take ’em!  Also LOTS OF CYBER MONDAY SALES Goodness to report on…and some great video FINDS, all today at the 3-D House of VIDEOS!!!  Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft  Http://Thumpmaster6.wordpress.com

Happy 235th Bithday, Marines!….Thumpy’s Salute Today!

Check out our special salutes to Marines around the Globe…and to our AIRSOFTERS who also happen to be REAL MARINES….over at Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft…..OOHRAH!!!!!


New Thumpy’s 3D Airsoft Newas is ON THE WAY!

Sorry gang, but Old Thump’s been a bit under the weather, and we owe everybody a great thanks for the prayers and good wishes! More updated info is on the way this week, including 2 new videos…one has a first-hand look at what’s on the way for the World Famous South Field here in Eastern NC…stay tuned!  Thumpy…OVER  http://Thumpmaster6.wordpress.com