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KWA Vs. KRISS….What we know….so far…..

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Guys, there is WAY MORE behind the KRISS vs. KWA situation than even those of us in the MilSim media world know for sure. Both sides have been very, very quiet on this…and today’s announcement sheds the first official light on the issues since SHOT Show and IWA in Germany.

We WILL pass along what information we get from ON-THE-RECORD sources, but what we do know and CAN say is that most of the social media speculation is pointing fingers…with virtually NO SUBSTANTIATED FACTS to back up comments. Please tread carefully. That’s all we have so far….



Here is the official link to KRISS Media Release:  LINK HERE


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Here it COMES…KWA teases the KRISS for SHOT Show 2012 in VEGAS

EXCLUSIVE: KWA is “teasing” the long-awaited KRISS Vector, information to-be-released on 17 January, 2012…just TWO Weeks from now at the SHOT Show 2012 in Las Vegas….with this shot from the sidebar of their FACEBOOK PAGE….

SEE MORE BY “LIKING” KWA Performance Industries FACEBOOK PAGE RIGHT HERE: https://www.facebook.com/kwaperformance

SEE THUMPY’S COMPLETE KRISS COVERAGE, from the original announcement RIGHT HERE at the 3-D House of Airsoft, through this year’s SHOT Show 2012:  LINK HERE

NEW KRISS Details from KWA and EVIKE’s Matt

OK, he might be getting himself out of the doghouse with KWA and the rest of us….as EVIKE TV’s host MATT gets some direct answers from KWA uber-tech MIKE on the KWA HK45…but the REAL SCOOP is at the end, when KWA lets some of the details out of the bag on the long-awaited KRISS Vector project:

SO, SHOT Show again promises to be big for KWA…and a prototype that can be handled, but not fired.  Hmmm…wish the KWA’s would have invested in a shoot-room, a-la CyberG/Palco….you CAN get a spot to do this, but not where KWA’s PRO TRAINING PRODUCTS booth is located…that’s a shame, SHOT Show!!!….Maybe SHOT needs to take some lessons from North Carolina’s own North Atlantic Airsoft Expo!!!!

Heres’ the link to Thumpy’s prior KRISS COVERAGE from SHOT Show 2011:

AND, the STORY THAT STARTED IT ALL, from July 2010, when the KRISS was announced right here at the 3-D House of Airsoft!  LINK RIGHT HERE

And, just for giggles, here’s MATT’s SPOOF VIDEO (yea, NOW they call it a PARODY!) of the iPad enabled KRISS…tons of yucks; hey, why didn’t you ask Mike if he prototype had an iCable attachment, hmmmm??????

KRISS Prototype? “This is Just a TEST….”


Just like the MEGA FAIL Emergency Alert System Nationwide Test this week…the purported “KRISS PROTOTYPE VIDEO” from Evike is also a big FAIL!

If you haven’t seen it…check this and follow the back-story below the video:

We reached out to KWA USA’s “ALLIZARD” as soon as we saw it…and, along with our buddy “CARP” from Airsoft CQB Radio, we pushed this to Arnie’s and Popular Airsoft, knowing it was likely a FAKE

…and the only “releasable” part of AL’s response goes like this: “we decided not to make any personal comment except an official reply “This is NOT a KWA KRISS Vector GBB prototype”.

Pushing toward the target..and, co-witness before you start "selling" these, ok?

The EVIKE media stunt also reportedly wrinkled the feathers of not only THOUSANDS of KRISS fans awaiting KWA’s launch of this game-changing mega-gun, but also tweaked the nose of a major Evike competitor and YouTube video “star” who wondered if he and his SoCal Airsoft MegaStore also got scooped.

But, through the wonders of MAC and Apple+Shift+#4 screen-capture technology…yea, we know you PC guys won’t get the humor, too bad…we’ve screen-capped the “demo” and noticed a couple interesting “tells” in addition to the cheesy last-line.

Fail 1 – You can’t see the muzzle/barrel diameter-In fact, check the extra pixels on his finger, covering what is probably the .45 cal muzzle of the REAL KRISS civilian carbine…not even a full-auto version…

You'll need some Windex to get the extra pixels off your finger!

Fail 2- Never showed “the trades”…mentioned, but never shown closeup

Sportin' the uber-gat...VOGUE!

Doubt you get many SUBS after this stunt...

Fail 3- Fake “airsoft” magazine…never locks into the mag well.  Yea, the real-steel KRISS DOES use G-Gun mags, as will the KWA version…we asked at the SHOT Show unveil last year in Vegas…But, watch as the support hand never really goes to where you’ll see it if you shoot a KRISS.

G-mag with lips=Good No lock=FAIL FAIL FAIL

Fail 4- We thought EVIKE would only pull fast stunts on THOUSANDS of customers in the “Box of “less-than” Awesomeness promotions…or on April Fools Day.  Not on the Marine Corps Birthday or Veterans Day.   Nice.

Gimme some of THIS Mac-lovin' ASAP!!!

Nice how they work the EGA into EVERYTHING on the Marines Birthday...Have a Good 'Un

Stay Classy, KRISS Fans…your REAL gun is OTW soon!



OK, KRISS-Waiters…we HAD to get on the horn to KWA USA after this video from EVIKE started to go AIRSOFT-VIRAL a couple of hours ago:

TO: Allizard

FR: Thumpy

EvikeTV- The *NEW* KWA Super V KRISS GBB (Exclusive First Look!)

http://www.evike.com The long awaited, much anticipated, KWA KRISS Super V gas blowback! We have the first worldwide exclusive sample from KWA factory direct with this new amazing revolutionary GBB…
Added on 11/11/11


This is nuts…what’s the deal with Evike?  USB?  iPad?  3000 FPS?  Rly?

This is sincerely not going to be helpful for you guys, unless you squash it…or it suddently becomes apparent this is what the market wants in “their KRISS”

Say it ain’t so, AL?

COV Sends

P.S.  Nice timing, so that your server is down today, too…and you are not on Skype!  Wink*

Stay Tuned, everyone!



Thumpy’s SHOT Show Excellent Adventure sponsored by Big Boy Toys!

Could THIS be the first BULLET-PROOF M-4...from REAL SWORD?
OK, Airsofters of the World, the 50th Anniversary SHOT Show 2011 is winding down, but the announcements, the new products and the interviews are still coming on STRONG!  Spotted at the show…OP Lion Claws GURU John Lu and “Angel #1”, Airsoft G.I.’s TIM SERGEANT…and a host of other players and media guys, like Dr. Airsoft, Rangemaster Larry, Airsoft Pacific’s Dynamic Duo, and more…all vying for spots at the INNOVATIVE PRODUCT DISPLAYS on the floor.  OH, and THIS GUY, too…..
Mr. Inokatsu and a "close friend" at CyberGun/Softair USA's Massive Booth
THUMPY IS FIGHTING THE COMPUTER BLUES…as tech issues have held back our video posts!  But we ARE posting up TODAY, come Hell or High Water, and we’ll be doing some full recaps, “Seen & Heard Behind the Ropes” reports on some of the funny, poignant and just plain crazy stuff we’ve seen and done in VEGAS!
What Mega-Company has signed on OFFICIAL Blackwater Trademarks?
Thanks for checking it all out…we had our best WEEK and BEST DAYS EVER at the 3-D House of Airsoft…HUGE numbers of engaged Airsofters who wanted to find out what-was-what at the SHOT Show, and for that we say THANK YOU!  You’ve made it a BLAST…and you haven’t even see the GOOD STUFF YET!



Wow, we are so far behind now…but today is CATCH YOU UP Day from the 2011 SHOT SHOW, AGAIN, With the 3-D House of Airsoft trip out-west Sponsored EXCLUSIVELY by BIG BOY TOYS!

We have a TON OF GUNS to show you, reporting on an almost DIVINE meeting of Airsoft Media members at CYBERGUN’s Massive Display…yea, they DID talk with us, although they had so many “suits” in the afternoon we never did get an on-camera interview…they WILL be in 2011, though!

And first surprise later this morning, as Thumpy show you the meeting with one group of HIS PERSONAL HEROES….the gang from OPSGEAR!  Yea, Jaeger, Brandy, John and Bryan…in a THUMPY’s EXCLUSIVE….


THUMPY SHOT SHOW Update #6-KWA Building a Sphinx!

It seems somewhat appropriate that KWA USA announces a NEW SPHINX Pistol, with FULL-TRADEMARKS, in a city known for “Caesar’s” and a Huge Pyramid!

And, here is your first look!

Las Vegas, NV and City of Industry, CA – January 18th, 2010 – KWA and Sphinx Arms, Swiss pistol manufacturer, have announced a licensing agreement that will make KWA the worldwide exclusive licensee of Sphinx airsoft replicas. With the patented NS2 technology, KWA will design and manufacture GBB pistols based on Sphinx designs.

Founded in 1876, Sphinx has a world-wide reputation as the benchmark for precision pistols. Manufactured and assembled in Matten/Interlaken, Switzerland, Sphinx products are used by military and law enforcement units in Switzerland and abroad. In the commercial market, Sphinx pistols are valued by competitive shooters.

KWA leads the industry with innovative and high performing airsoft products by combining precision engineering and a passion to outperform. With unparalleled customer and warranty service, KWA strives to ensure that all of its products are of the highest quality and its customers are properly cared for. The introduction of the 2GX AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) gearbox and the NS2 GBB system has set a new standard in airsoft technology.

For information: http://www.kwausa.com
Contact: marketing@kwausa.com
Phone: 626-581-1777

OH, and here’s ONE MORE SHOT…with the CELLMATE of the SPHINX….Details on the NEW KRISS FOR AIRSOFT…..COMING SOON!



AS PROMISED, Here is the Press Release from KWA USA, along with Photos from THUMPY, taken just after the opening of the 2011 SHOT Show!

Las Vegas, NV and City of Industry, CA – January 18th, 2011
KWA is pleased to announce several new products that will be unveiled at the 2011 Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show and Conference (SHOT Show) in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Products Reborn


After two generations of refinement and development, KWA has established the KP series to be both reliable and robust, however an element was always missing. Through a manufacturing agreement with UMAREX Sportwaffen GmbH & Co KG, the exclusive license holder of the Heckler and Koch trademark, KWA will reintroduce the KP series as official Heckler and Koch USP series pistols. This agreement also permits other KWA products to bear the world famous HK trademark and design.

The popular KG36C is now the HK G36C. Last but not least, the highly anticipated MK23 SPECWAR is now officially the HK MK23 USSOCOM pistol. The HK MK23 USSOCOM incorporates the latest NS2 technology and retains all the features of its firearm counterpart. 

New HK pricing will be announced when the products are ready to ship at the end of the first quarter of 2011. All KWA manufactured HK products will be available through KWA Authorized Resellers and UMAREX USA retailers.

Commitment To Training


The KWA M series pistols are considered to be the most reliable training pistol available in the market. Ever since its absence, KWA has received numerous inquiries and requests to design and build a suitable replacement. After two years of intensive development and collaboration with various military and law enforcement agencies, KWA is proud to introduce a new concept in training pistols: the Adaptive Training Pistol (ATP).

The ATP is an evolution of the M17 design; built with the most up-to-date NS2 internal gas system. All the characteristics have been retained from the original design, such as grip angle and takedown. The new pistol features an extended slide release and interchangeable back straps to adapt to different user’s hand shapes and to better mimic other popular standard issue pistols. The KWA ATP is scheduled for release by the end of second quarter of 2011. Pricing and performance specs will be announced at a later date. 

Old Friends

Two additional pistols will be released in 2011 as well. KWA will bring new life to its classic 945C with the NS2 gas system.

The 945C will be KWA’s first subcompact pistol powered with NS2 technology and will pave the way for future models of similar size.
Not to ignore historical favorites, KWA has also designed and produced the TKV33.
The size and shape of the pistol is closely modeled after the original firearm, making it a perfect collectors piece. It will be one of the first models in a series of classic pistols to come.
KWA leads the industry with innovative and high performing airsoft products by combining precision engineering and a passion to outperform. With unparalleled customer and warranty service, KWA strives to ensure that all of its products are of the highest quality and its customers are properly cared for. The introduction of the 2GX AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) gearbox and the NS2 GBB system has set a new standard in airsoft technology. 

For information: http://www.kwausa.com
Contact: sales@kwausa.com
Phone: 626-581-1777

STAND BY FOR AN UPDATE ON THE KRISS..AND, on another unexpected NEW PISTOL in the SAME CASE at KWA USA’s Display at SHOT Show 20111


Thumpy SHOT SHOW News #4 KWA USA First Look!

Thumpy is just back upstairs from a FIRST QUICK RUN to the KWA USA Booth…and our buddy Allen “Allizard” Lau gave us the low-down on just SOME of the new guns they are showing here for the first time!

Wait ’till you get a load of KWA USA’s product line!  THIS IS INNOVATION, folks!

THESE ARE JUST FIRST-RUN PICTURES, MORE DETAILS and VIDEO Coming shortly…And if you want NEWS on the KRISS (THIS ONE IS NOT YOUR DADDY’s SUPER V, EITHER!), M-4 “Black Rifles”, H&K Tactical and even RED STAR fans will all be drooling!


Thumpy’s SHOT Show 2011 AIRSOFT NEWS #2

First Video is ONLINE on the YouTube Channel…and we’ve talked with KWA USA’s Allen “Allizard” Lau, as they scramble in an all-‘nighter to get their booth ready for some MAJOR AIRSOFT ANNOUNCEMENTS on the Opening Day Tuesday!

Check the latest at http://Thumpmaster6.wordpress.com