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SHOT Show Clamps Down on Suitcasers, Outboarders and Scalpers at 2012 Show | SHOT Show Blog

SHOT Show Clamps Down on Suitcasers, Outboarders and Scalpers at 2012 Show | SHOT Show Blog | Thumpy's 3D House of Airsoft @ Scoop.it | Scoop.it

One interesting quote from Chris Dolnack…”Besides for suitcasing, illegal activities reported at the show included trademark infringement —”

Uh, Chris, it was an ALLEGATION of trademark infringement that you cracked down on…NOT A FINDING OR CONVICTION….and not allowing the Airsoft media to openly report this AS IT WAS HAPPENING, but waiting until your press release 3 weeks after the fact probably had very little “deterrent” value during SHOT Show.

“Innocent until PROVEN  guilty” should go right up there with the 2nd Amendment we’re also upholding at SHOT Show.

Perhaps we could work on this with you prior to next year’s show, and let nearly 25 years of journalism experience shine into the dark corners.

Always open, always reachable for Q&A…Thumpy!

BREAKING NEWS: JAG Precision and ECHO 1 Respond to SHOT Show Shutdown

THUMPY’s 3D House of Airsoft received several “tips” from airsoft retailers that JAG Precision had e-mailed a letter to customers regarding the “dramatic” SHOT Show shutdown of their display by CYBERGUN and FN Herstal…the details of that letter are posted on JAG’s corporate homepage…LINK HERE

And, the text from that letter is also below in a screen-grab from the site on Wednesday night at 11:00 PM Eastern Time:

Spartan Imports responds to JAG Precision/Echo 1 Shutdown at SHOT Show 2012

Via Scoop.itThumpy’s 3D House of Airsoft @ Scoop.it

Peter Ho of Spartan Imports responds exclusively to Thumpy’s Airsoft News about the shutdown of JAG Precision & Echo 1 USA’s display at SHOT Show 2012.  Thumpy will have further updates on this breaking news here at the 3-D House of Airsoft and at our new SCOOP.IT Channel…LINK HERE

Redwolf Airsoft hits the Cybergun Watch in Germany, man!

Here’s an OLD POST that somehow did NOT GET its day in the Sun, our appologies to ARCLIGHT, as he scoped out the  “even-bigger-than-SHOT Show 2011” Cyber-Cubicles at the IWA 2011 Show in Germany, and guess what?  They actually didn’t do any interviews with him, either.

OK, well, Cybergun’s “hired gun” and IPSC World Champion Eric Grauffel did…so, sue me.  He talked to me, along with “Mr. Inokatsu” and a bunch of Cybergun and Softair USA (Hi John!) higher-ups in Vegas back in January… they were just really, really camera shy around Thumpy. Wonder why?

Mr. Inokatsu and a "close friend" at CyberGun/Softair USA's Massive Booth

I proved I’m a lovable little fuzzy bunch of BB Slingin’ warmth and personality. Even “they” admitted it.  I just hate that I’m so far behind schedule that I don’t have Cyber-G’s SHOT Show video cut yet…and I have, like, 15 more to send you from the NAA Airsoft Expo…and they WILL GET DONE!

OK, just get crackin’, T-Man!   Thanks again to Arc and  the gang…check out all THEIR videos over HERE at the REDWOLF YouTube Channel, and at the REDWOLF CYBER-STORE!


CyberG is adding a factory in CHINA

Reuters Business and Boursarama/CercleFinance.com announce another major acquisition for Cybergun.


Short take is that CyberG is buying into a stake in a factory inside China…with a tie-in to trademarks rights they already hold and may have exercised with that plant….all subject to approval by Chinese authorities.


What does the world think about Cyber-G?

Getting to the bottom of the bottom-of-the-pile, we recently wondered is there was a CLEAR way to compile and discuss the various rumors, complaintsm forum postings and bridge the “silliness” vs. “reality” gap surrounding Cyber-G.

SO, this part of ‘The Watch” is going to compress and push various links to discussions ’round-about the web…and so far, we’re finding everything from the obtuse to the obscure and the downright obsequious!

FACEPUNCH.COM : -THREAD LINK HERE- Quote from the thread: “”I hereby nominate this for airsoft forum thread of the year 2011”



GASGUNS.INFO: “SO..Cybergun takes it” : -THREAD LINK HERE-

AIRSOFTSOCIETY.COM: “Thank you Cybergun,,,this is what we have been waiting for.” -THREAD LINK HERE-

AIRSOFTNEWS.FR: PETITION TO BOYCOTT CYBERGUN SA: -THREAD LINK HERE- (use Google Chrome to see Google Translate in your native language)

and, the related discussion thread at FRANCE AIRSOFT Forum: -THREAD LINK HERE- (Google Chrome/Translate link)


Cyber-G Watch: Blackwater Video Game Heads to 360

Super nice find by our buds VicOptimus and Gungho Cowboy over at POPULAR AIRSOFT, as we have been waiting since our first reports earlier this year (LINKS HERE) , and especially since the E3 games show this week, to hear about the first Cyber-G entry into Airsoft-meets-Video games…and the first sightings of their tie-in to Blackwater Worldwide:

Screen Shot courtesy Popular Airsoft and Kotaku.com...click photo for their review


CLICK THE PIC BELOW for Another gallery of screen shots from KOTAKU.COM

Courtesy Kotaku.com...hey, notice how FRANCE is the center of the World on the map in the background? Hmmm, wonder if that came with the contract and the Euros!

Another story about the game from WIRED.COM‘s E3 Coverage: LINK HERE

Cinema Blend has short coverage: LINK HERE

AND, Kotaku’s REVIEW and take on the game, after they got HANDS ON at E3:  LINK HERE



Cyber-G Responds…APP Rating is changing

APPARENTLY (SARCASM ALERT!)  The cats’ at Cybergun are paying attention…as we got the following e-mail this morning….from Gael Ferec, who heads Cyber-G’s App effort, put together by an outside vendor:

Gael FEREC:…



Mon, May 23, 2011 at 3:42 AM


Cybergun on Appstore

Hi Thumpy

I’m Gael, I’m in charge of this app.
I’ve check your review of our new app and you’re right, it’s a bad mistake from our developer, we asked him to put the app in +17. It’s will be changed soon.

English version will be realised soon also.

Have a nice day!


Purchase Department
Event Manager


Cyber-G Watch: Yea, there’s an APP for that

You knew it was on the way…and now, iPhone and iPad lovers, you have a chance to remote-control the “Death Star.”   Released MAY 21st, 2011…the date is important, follow along….

LINK HERE: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cybergun/id437810672?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D2

In out first-blush look at the Apps Store sales page, we gotta say that this is one nicely put-together app.

Graphics follow the CYBER-G/WWLILS branding, with product info for a FAMAS (how apropos!)…and, on the far right screenshot, looks to be some kind of FPS Calculator that swaps the gun’s bb loading into a Meters-per-second energy equivalent.  Although frequent readers will spy that this will likely be incorrect, as Cyber-G’s energy ratings are often vastly overstated for the actual performance of the gun OOTB.


The description of the App also opens some new windows into Cyber-G marketing “strategery”…

OH GOODY…. “the news updated every DAYS”…Now Old Thumpy will HAVE to get an iPad or iPhone to keep you posted on their DAILY happenings and announcements.

But, what seems most troubling about their marketing approach is that the App Store age rating for the Cyber-G App is  “9+.”   According to Apple’s own APPLICATION RATINGS, seen below…

Yea, click DONE, as in...stick a fork in it...CLICK ON "DONE" FOR HOT LINK HERE

But, wait.  Isn’t this is a SALES TOOL for a product that, by Cybergun’s own package labeling and website information, is only for sale to persons 18 years of age or older?  So, why is this not rated as an app for the “17+” category?

AND THE TIMING OF THIS APPS RELEASE IS MOST TROUBLING OF ALL!!!   (We told you the date was important!)  With the improper use of an airsoft gun creating a firestorm in California with the Senate Bill 798 debacle…WHY WOULD CYBERGUN DECIDE NOW, of all times, to release an app to someone aged 9-18 ?  This is at best, in our opinion, a FAIL’ed attempt at pushing airsoft to a younger-and-younger market for which it is not intended…and could be ruinous as fodder for anti-gun activists who will latch on to this as an attempt to do just that.   More reason to be wary.  Very.  Wary.


Give us a BREAK…a U.S. TRADE BREAK…Says Cybergun to U.S. Congress

We have a BIG UPDATE on an earlier post involving an attempt to seek Tarriff Duty Suspensions for Airsoft imports.

RECAP: Thumpy’s original post: HERE IS THE LINK : Politics make Strange Bedfellows

WELL, with a little more on-line digging, and some additional t-crossing and i-dotting, we are able to point readers DIRECTLY to a U.S. International Trade Commission .gov electronic document that lay bare the companies both FOR and AGAINST Senator John Cornyn’s proposed bill….



HERE IS THE LINK, to our original post, involving U.S. Senator (R-Texas) John Cornyn’s proposed 2009 Bill, seeking a break for Cybergun USA, based in the Senator’s “home state” of Texas, for imports of AEG’s:

INFORMATION WAS FOUND HERE, on http://www.govtrack.us :

Full Text of the Bill:

S 2462 IS

 1st Session
 S. 2462
 To suspend temporarily the duty on electric pneumatic airsoft rifles.
 October 29, 2009

Mr. CORNYN introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Finance



To suspend temporarily the duty on electric pneumatic airsoft rifles.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


(a) In General- Subchapter II of chapter 99 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States is amended by inserting in numerical sequence the following new heading:

 ‘ 9902.01.00 Low energy air guns (ASTM F 2654) operated by pneumatic pressure created by an electrical air pump (provided for in subheading 9304.00.20) Free No change No change On or before 12/31/2011 ’.


 (b) Effective Date- The amendment made by subsection (a) applies to goods entered, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, on or after the 15th day after the date of the enactment of this Act.


Some CORNYN Factoids

Republican Senator (Junior Senator) from the great AIRSOFT STATE of TEXAS

He is rated “A” by the National Rifle Association…

SENATOR CORNYN’s Background Information, via Wiki:  LINK HERE

NEW INFORMATION:  From information below which we gathered after the original post, both the lobbyist working on behalf of Cyber-G and the Senator and his staff were “above board” in their filings of the proposed bill…and it was NOT the ONLY industry in the Senator’s home state that his office introduced similar tariff-suspension measures for in the same time frame.

However, the interesting information…and push back to the proposal came from a staff report by the US International Trade Commission, which contacted CROSMAN USA about their input on the proposal…and got one STRONG OPPOSITION VIEW from Crosman CEO Ken D’Arcy, in THE DOCUMENT LINK BELOW, which we’ll paraphrase here:

Crosman Corporation is the largest importer of low energy air guns and is opposed to a temporary suspension of import duties applicable to low-energy air guns of the type proposed in S. 2462 because the duty suspension would discourage the establishment of manufacturing of such air guns in the United States.”


THIS IS THE LINK to the PDF version of the USITC Staff Report on the bill, with Crosman’s opposition filing:

About the USITC…What they do…is covered in their Info Link RIGHT HERE:

And, to prove the “transparency” that’s now REQUIRED of all lobbyists in the USA…Here’s the required report from Cybergun/Softair USA’s lobbyist: LINK HERE

And more on their lobbying efforts in 2009 LINK HERE  AND in 2010  LINK HERE  From OpenSecrets.org, a major on-line watchdog organization:

More on the Cyber-G Story: Blame it on Beretta and Blackwater?

This was quite a find in the on-going Cyber-G Watch…and although the GOOGLE TRANSLATE from French to English is mighty poor, it does make for some interesting reading.

Does it say:  That J.M. shirked military service?  That airsoft guns are used to commit 50% of the armed robberies in France?  That an action by Beretta led to the start of Cybergun?  And, that Blackwater/Xe is actually PARTNERS in the long-rumored video game production by Cyber-G? 

Read for Yourself!  Here’s the TRANSLATE LINK to the piece by French business website www.capital.fr


Cybergun Announce approval of their plans….as reported HERE earlier….to bring in NEW videogame executive partner I2G.  Approval was reported on several French Business websites following a shareholders meeting Friday, April First, 2011

AND, as suggested during Friday’s “NOT APRIL FOOLS DAY ” I2G announcementYET ANOTHER new acquisition seeks to firm up distribution in the U.K., by adding Sportsmarketing SMK to the CyberG “Stable” of companies.

From information on SMK’s own WEBSITE (LINK HERE)…they have approximately 40 years expertise in importing, marketing and supplying ‘stockists with “high quality products”, reportedly a huge producer of custom air pistols, and marketing airsoft guns (mostly CyberG “Craptastic Plastic”) and accessories (including “SWISS ARMS-Licensed-via-Cyber G” sights and gear) in the United Kingdom, via SMK’s network of over 1,600 outlets.

This is much the same corporate strategy Cybergun has been following to build up marketing and distribution chains in Scandinavia and the USA/North America.


“In 2010, Sportsmarketing achieved a turnover of around GBP 4 million (4.5 million), solely in English, 10% via Cybergun products in the catalog, and a higher operational arge m 10%. The development plan can consider doubling sales in four years, thanks to distribution under the brand name Swiss Arms (owned by Cybergun) Sportsmarketing product (ranges of break-barrel Custom Made in UK “) in the entire distribution network Cybergun.”

YOU CAN CHECK the latest coverage over at BOURSE.lci/fr….English translation via GOOGLE TRANSLATE HERE