Wow, we are so far behind now…but today is CATCH YOU UP Day from the 2011 SHOT SHOW, AGAIN, With the 3-D House of Airsoft trip out-west Sponsored EXCLUSIVELY by BIG BOY TOYS! We have a TON OF GUNS to show you, reporting on an almost DIVINE meeting of Airsoft Media members at CYBERGUN’s Massive Display…yea,…

Thumpy’s SHOT Show 2011 AIRSOFT NEWS–#1

Thumpy’s SHOT Show 2011 AIRSOFT NEWS–#1 11:18AM Local VEGAS Time—17 January 2011 That’s Right…the THUMPSTER has made the BIG MOVE, and is setting up the 3-D HOTEL of Airsoft in Las Vegas for all the Airsoft Innovation News from the 2011 SHOT Show! THUMPY WAS ON-THE-MOVE on SUNDAY…Flying US AIRWAYS to Las Vegas, via Charlotte and Phoenix…for the SHOT…

FINALLY…New Video at THUMPY’S 3-D House of AIRSOFT

We’re bangin’ away at the edit bay today…hey, that rhymes…and we’re posting up new videos at THUMPY’S just as quickly as YouTube will take ’em!  Also LOTS OF CYBER MONDAY SALES Goodness to report on…and some great video FINDS, all today at the 3-D House of VIDEOS!!!  Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft  Http://

A HUGE Russian Game on VIDEO, and 9-Million for Cybergun?

What brings a THOUSAND Crazed Russian Airsofters to a once-secret MILITARY BASE for a major event?  Its the TANKS!!!  See for yourself, in some great video we’ve uncovered…also, A Cybergun Watch update, as investors fork over 9-MILLION EUROS in just ONE MONTH to Marsac and crew!..Airsoft must be big business??? All the details, all the…

MAJOR UPDATE on Airsoft Innovation THIS WEEKEND from THUMPY’s 3-D

We have new photos and test video of the PolarStar High Pressure Air (HPA) Mechbox Replacement engine…the past is a new FUTURE for Airsoft….along with update on major games, another Dr. Airsoft facemask test that is FAIL material for your teeth….and all the latest INNOVATION news.  Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft

Own a piece of the Airsoft DEATH STAR

Going, Going…GONE? Cybergun Watch at Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft has another BREAKING STORY… Yes, you TOO can own a piece of “the ‘Rock”…as Cyber-G starts another buying spree, this time possibly with with INDIVIDUAL Airsofters cash!  Get the details at the Cyber-G Watch….ONLY at Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft TODAY

Bye Bye FLU…back to the INNOVATION from THUMPY

Thanks for all the well-wishes, guys….from all around the world.  Thumpy is back in the saddle after an early Flu Bug.. 26 DAYS TO GO to the biggest game of the year on the East Coast…FULDA GAP 2010!  Are you signed in yet?  Get all the details, latest news and bucnhes of videos, too…on the…