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Crosman’s Official Word on Thumpy’s Marines Airsoft Comments…and YOUR COMMENTS, TOO!

OK, our “insider” contact with Crosman has been in touch about THIS prior week’s comments (LINK HERE) on the launch of MARINES AIRSOFT, the official “marketing” arm of Crosman and the USMC.  In the interests of full disclosure, we’ve redacted part of Laura’s e-gram at her request.

We’ll leave it up to Crosman and/or the Marines to clarify their choices….

“Hello Alan,

Thank you for sharing the sentiments of yourself and your audience.  We value your opinion.

We do, however have a plan in place.  Since entering into the agreement with the USMC, we have planned to roll it out in phases:  opening price point, better/best, and possibly collector grade.  As this has been our plan since day one, we ask that the airsoft community be patient with us.

(REDACTED INFORMATION HERE: Withheld at Laura’s Request)

We appreciate your candor.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.


Laura Evans”

AND, again for disclosure, here was THUMPY’S Letter that prompted the response above:


You asked for comments, and airsofters are talking.  Here are some of the links to comment threads and articles on Marines Airsoft.  Obviously your market for the Marines Airsoft brand is not targeted towards mainstream airsofter game players; perhaps some further conversations with the American and world airsoft community might be beneficial.  I know from our prior discussions that more is on-the-way, and at a different level of productions (we all hope) that will reflect positively on your efforts.  I am always available to assist where ever I can.  As an American Airsofter, former newsman/news director and businessman, a supporter of the Marine Corps here in my “hometown of the Marines,” where I routinely play airsoft with Marines and Wounded Warrors, and as a concerned parent of 3 boys who is deeply worried about the direction of the airsoft business, I want to help facilitate conversations and real change in the sport.

I believe your company is uniquely positioned in the USA to make change happen.  Do you?




Please feel free to contact me for any followups.


Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft

Crosman’s OTHER M-16…an Air Rifle with potential for AIRSOFT?

The price is NOT right, Bob Barker… but is the idea something that an airsoft-smith could take under advisement?

Crosman guys discuss the concept of the MAR at SHOT Show:

Thumpy’s Thoughts:

Frankly, AIRGUNS were not on Thumpy’s mind when we hit SHOT Show 2011, other than to venture into Crosman-land for an enlightening video excursion we’ll show you RIGHT HERE on the 3-D YouTube Channel

…..so, the .177 caliber MAR was NOT something Crosman pointed us to.  HOWEVER, in light of recent Crosman marketing pushes to get deeper into Airsoft, via their arrangement with the US Marines at MARINES AIRSOFT, the MAR IS the kind of product/project that most Airsofters might find some interest in cross-pollenating.  An ACCURATE, Real-steel based Airsoft Training Rifle carried by Real Marines?  What’s not to love, other than that pricetag…which we are sure could be lowered IF Crosman found interest from the community.  They do have Remington and Bushmaster licenses…so, who knows where this might lead.

Creedmore Sports National Match Rifle: LINK HERE

Which came from here…. the “PilkGun”: http://www.pilkguns.com/menu_ar15.shtml

Conceptualized by World/Olympic-call Airsmith Scott Plikington His Bio: From http://www.pilkguns.com/bio-scott.shtml

Pre-Release Story from Ammoland.com:  http://www.ammoland.com/2011/01/18/crosman-mar177-pcp-rifle/

And, the Original Crosman Release:

“Crosman Corporation, long known for innovation and quality in products for the shooting sports, has introduced a new pre-charged pneumatic (PCP), modular, adaptive, competition sporting air rifle (MSR), the MAR177.

According to Crosman Product Manager, Terry Neumaster, “The Crosman MAR177 PCP Rifle is designed to support match air rifle competitors, using the traditional service rifle of National Match series competitions. To better serve the requirements of elite competitors, we’ve partnered with two-time, National NRA High Power Rifle Champion, Dennis DeMille of Creedmoor Sports Inc.,” he said.

DeMille believes that this purpose-built rifle represents the future of adult competitive air rifle shooting. “The new MAR177 promises to perform at the highest levels of match air rifle competition, while replicating the look and feel of an actual AR-15 style rifle. National Match competitors have been waiting for this gun. Since Crosman’s design team has a history of innovative and successful competition airguns, who better to bring this design to fruition,” said DeMille.

The Crosman MAR177 consists of an upper receiver and requires the shooter to provide their own lower AR to complete the gun. “This allows the competitor the versatility to utilize their own high-power AR lower with a competition-grade trigger group,” said DeMille.

Utilizing a PCP power plant affords an advantage over competitors, with less recoil and eliminating the need to repeatedly pump. “This air rifle features a multi-shot, removable, 8-shot rotary clip and an internally rifled Lothar Walther™ barrel,” according to Neumaster. “With a fill pressure of up to 3000 psi and velocities of up to 600 feet per second (fps), the rifle boasts 10-shot groups at 10 meters of less than 9 millimeters,” he said. The MAR177 is capable of 120 shots per fill and meets requirements for National Match Air Rifle competitions.

DeMille commented, “Serious competitors seek dependable, precision rifles. To these demands, the new MAR177 adds real affordability, compared to any equivalent model out there.”

Olympic level gunsmith and airgun expert Scott Pilkington comments, “I’m pleased to see that Crosman has recognized the inventiveness of my upper design, and brought it to the next level in production and development. This advancement will revolutionize the way folks everywhere use their AR-15s. I expect that serious competitors and plinkers alike will use this upper more than any other in their vault,” he said.

The Crosman MAR177 air rifle will be introduced with an MSRP of $900 and will be exhibited, along with Crosman’s entire PCP product line, at SHOT Show 2011 in Las Vegas, in booth number 12740. The trade show runs from January 18-21.

For further information on the new Crosman MAR177 competition air rifle, or on any Crosman, Benjamin, CenterPoint Hunting and Outdoors Precision Optics and Archery, or Game Face Airsoft products, visit the company’s websites at www.crosman.com, http://www.centerpointhunting.com, www.gamefaceairsoft.com, or write to Laura Evans, marketing coordinator, Crosman Corporation, 7629 Routes 5 & 20, Bloomfield, NY 14469, email her at levans@crosman.com, or call her at (800) 7–AIRGUN (724-7486).

For up-to-the-minute news from Crosman Corporation, follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/crosmancorp) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/crosmancorp).”

Marines Airsoft website is open….Epic Fail for Crosman?

OK, Airsoft World…they want “feedback”. Give it to them.  COMMENTS BELOW WILL BE LINKED TO CROSMAN CORPORATE:

Hand it to Crosman; as the ONLY MAJOR US Airsoft manufacturer/distributor, for signing up the honest-to-God United States Marine Corps as a partner in this adventure-in-recruiting.  This COULD be great for the Marines and for AIRSOFT…but not this way.

An OPEN WORDpress-LETTER to my “Friends” at Crosman, and with the United States Marine Corps

TO: USMC and Crosman, aka “Marines Airsoft”

FROM: Your Best Pal, Thumpy

Hope this finds you guys well. How’s school going this semester?

And, What were you both thinking?….

From our perspective, all that’s likely to come from this is BAD NEWS.  Other than some goodwill in the entry-gun market, leading some young people into the inevitable headlines in local papers or TV…”and, at the time of the INCIDENT, he was carrying a “fake gun” that looked just like a real “ASSAULT RIFLE”, a gun SANCTIONED BY THE UNITED STATES MARINES!”  GASP, OOH..>ROLL THE VIDEO< HARRY!

PLEASE, Crosman…rethink this whole idea.  The people YOU want to capture are NOT the parents buying their kid a Craptastic-Plastic “desert tan” Marine Airsoft Pistol, with desert tan ammo, and a desert tan holster at Wally or another ‘big box” store.   In fact, your timing on “desert” anything and the Marine Corps is bad…did you hear the President the other day (Warning, Propaganda Link)? US Troops are coming OUT of IRAQ, and soon will be coming OUT of AFGHANISTAN…and when they go back “into battery”, it is going to be along one of the Earth’s riparian/littoral regions…where 70-percent of the world’s population resides. Bank on old Thumpy’s DECADES of covering the Marines in “every clime and place:” It won’t be pretty, it will be deadly, and you’ll be left holding a warehouse of CRAPTASTIC-PLASTIC guns that “Mom” and her Apple Pie won’t have anywhere near her “little Junior, (who’s) all in a rage.”  He’ll be “Coming of Age” without your products.

Try AIMING with that big red, white and blue CROS-Hair at a more-appropriate market:  Build us some solid AIRSOFT Skirmish-ready guns, like you build your BB and Pellet rifles…guns you can drop on the ground from shoulder height that won’t snap in half, guns you can pass down to your grandchildren that still shoot reasonable straight-and-true, guns that–decades from now, after you’ve done your “hitch in hell” with the Marine Corps–that you will be proud to say “yea, that was my first real Marine Corps love…many are like it, but that one is mine.”

You will attract SOLID CUSTOMERS who want to BUY their Airsoft Products MADE IN THE USA…and people who stand behind the Marines..in fact, most of our local Airsofters here in Eastern NC ARE REAL BATTLE-TESTED MARINES, Warrior-heroes and some Wounded Warriors, and they see this as a MEGA FAIL-FAIL-FAIL!!!

You could retool this effort, more appropriately,” age-appropriate” for the kids your SHOULD be “Recruiting” as customers and “REE-Cruits”…TEENAGERS, not 10-13 year old pre-pubescent kids whose parents can “afford” a toy that will get them in trouble with local law enforcement and likely END any chance they have of becoming a Marine.

Please, for the Love of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor…and on the eve of the 236th Birthday of our Beloved Corps….”TEAR DOWN THIS (CYBER-SHOPPING) WALL!

Crosman adds some AIRSOFT HELP…and clarified the “new” MARINES guns

Flemming Molin is New International Airsoft Product Manager/European Product Manager
Crystal Martin is New Airsoft International Project Manager

Flemming Molin is New International Airsoft Product Manager/European Product Manager
Crystal Martin is New Airsoft International Project Manager

ROCHESTER, New York (October 20, 2011) – Responding to the continuing worldwide growth of airsoft, Crosman Corporation, long known for innovation and quality in products for the shooting sports, has added two new managers to its airsoft team. Flemming Molin becomes the new international airsoft product manager and European product manager. Coming to Crosman with 15 years of experience with companies in Asia and Europe, he will be responsible for the global airsoft product line as well as European product development and will be based in Europe. Prior to joining Crosman, he was with one of Europe’s largest airsoft distributors.  An avid shooter, Crystal Martin is a two-year Crosman veteran with more than 20 years experience in international business.  She will be the new Crosman airsoft project manager based at the world headquarters in Bloomfield, New York and will work with Molin in product development, interfacing between international sales and marketing, and the factory.

According to Roy Stefanko, Crosman’s vice president of marketing, the worldwide airsoft business requires global thinking, but with local execution. “Though airsoft has many common denominators around the world, Crosman Airsoft and its Game Face Airsoft and Marines Airsoft brands must also be sensitive to local demands,” he said. “We want our product to answer those country-by-country demands with designs that excite and marketing messages that make our products the ‘must have’ brands for airsoft enthusiasts around the world,” he said. “Both Flemming Molin and Crystal Martin have experience translating those demands into airsoft products that will do just that,” said Stefanko. “With their efforts, we expect our upcoming airsoft offerings will be right on target, regardless of country.”

Molin began with Crosman September 1, 2011 and Martin started her new responsibilities on October 1, 2011. For additional information on these two new appointments, or on any Crosman, Benjamin, CenterPoint Hunting and Outdoors Optics products, Crosman Archery, or Game Face Airsoft products, visit the company’s Web sites at www.crosman.com, www.centerpointhunting.com, www.gamefaceairsoft.com, or write to Laura Evans, Marketing Coordinator, Crosman Corporation, 7629 Routes 5 & 20, Bloomfield, NY 14469, email her at levans@crosman.com, or call her at (800) 7 – AIRGUN (724-7486).

For up-to-the-minute news from Crosman Corporation, follow us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/crosmancorp) and Facebook (http://facebook.com/crosmancorp).

Can you say “Airsoft Product Placement?” Gameface/Crosman can!

Yea, dual wielding M-9's is cool, for a Hollywood stud like John Favreau

LINK RIGHT HERE, ‘Pardners… is CROSMAN’S TAKE on how they got some major “camera time” in a promo for one of the hottest movies of the summer, at the same time they got hitched up with one of YouTube’s craziest action guru’s, too!…

MORE ACTION from Freddie Wong at his awsome-ly action-packed YouTube joint, RIGHT HERE

And, Catch more of the build-up for “Cowboys and AliensRIGHT HERE…as they say, “Coming to a screen near you SOON!”


Crosman’s Open Letter on Senate Bill 798

Our Good Friend Laura Evans, Marketing Coordinator for Crosman has posted an open letter to airsofters in California and across the USA on their corporate opposition to Senate Bill 798.  Crosman and other airsoft companies have been attempting to defeat similar measures for several years in Cali…even though a major portion of their business is clear-plastic guns:  they can see the dangers in failing to defeat this, for the safety of all citizens.  The letter follows a bit of background info that puts SB 798 in a different light:

Although Crosman is home-based in New York State, one wonders what impact this proposed sham will have on all businesses that tie into airguns and airsoft…and what spin off effects on the economy far from California.  Thumpy talked with Crosman’s Jim Masseth at the 2011 SHOT Show back in January, where a “Made in America” company explains some of their thoughts on the industry:

So, will SB 798 help or hurt business for Crosman?  Doesn’t seem from Laura’s letter below that “BUSINESS” is on their mind at all…as everyone, including the California Legislature, should put the focus squarely on SAFETY:

Good morning,

Some of you may already be aware, but the State of California is prepared to vote on a new law that will affect the future of the airgun and airsoft industries. It could also jeopardize the safety of the public and especially, police officers.

See below for a link to the SB 798 proposed legislation.


California is planning to make it law that all airsoft guns and all BB guns must be brightly colored, so police can distinguish these guns from actual firearms. As most of you know, all airsoft guns sold in the USA already have a bright orange tip and many are clear.

Early on it was recognized the underlying issue is created by consumers who allow potentially dangerous situations to develop. A prime example is the December 2010 incident that apparently prompted SB 798. As reported in the Los Angeles Times, police wounded a teenager when he failed to comply with police commands to “surrender.” Instead, the young man produced an airsoft gun. Expectedly, a police officer feared for his and his partner’s safety. He fired his gun and wounded the young man. Noteworthy is that the young man’s two companions, who complied with the officers’ commands to drop their guns, were not injured.

SB 798 obviously presumes that a “bright pink” airsoft gun, for example, would distinguish it from a firearm, thus providing a police officer with an immediate sense of security that he was not being threatened with a firearm. That assumption, however, might prove deadly to the officers or innocent bystanders. There are firearms sold that are, indeed, bright pink and other bright colors. Coloring an airsoft gun bright pink, therefore, would not distinguish it from firearms. A law enforcement officer should and would never assume a pink or other colored gun is harmless. On the other hand, an orange muzzle on an airsoft gun does distinguish it from firearms.

This bill would require the appearance of airsoft guns to change, but this change would not clear up the confusion issue. To the contrary, it would likely have the opposite effect. The change in appearance would render it more similar in appearance to some firearms. It is the simple and effective placement of orange at the muzzle that distinguishes an airsoft gun from firearm. Furthermore, federal law preempts SB798, because the bill would ban the sale of traditional airguns.

Please click on the link below for more information. If you agree that this law is unnecessary, please fill out the form and join the petition today, before it’s too late.



Laura Evans

Marketing Coordinator

Crosman, Inc

Again…’latest info from our buddy Mark “Dr. Airsoft” Vaughn is that action on the bill has been delayed until June 28th, (INFO LINK HERE) so there is plenty of time for you to pick up a phone, log in to your e-mail, Tweet, Facebook and IM your friends and foes on the House Floor and in California as a whole…. and share Crosman’s message along with your own.


Give us a BREAK…a U.S. TRADE BREAK…Says Cybergun to U.S. Congress

We have a BIG UPDATE on an earlier post involving an attempt to seek Tarriff Duty Suspensions for Airsoft imports.

RECAP: Thumpy’s original post: HERE IS THE LINK : Politics make Strange Bedfellows

WELL, with a little more on-line digging, and some additional t-crossing and i-dotting, we are able to point readers DIRECTLY to a U.S. International Trade Commission .gov electronic document that lay bare the companies both FOR and AGAINST Senator John Cornyn’s proposed bill….



HERE IS THE LINK, to our original post, involving U.S. Senator (R-Texas) John Cornyn’s proposed 2009 Bill, seeking a break for Cybergun USA, based in the Senator’s “home state” of Texas, for imports of AEG’s:

INFORMATION WAS FOUND HERE, on http://www.govtrack.us :

Full Text of the Bill:

S 2462 IS

 1st Session
 S. 2462
 To suspend temporarily the duty on electric pneumatic airsoft rifles.
 October 29, 2009

Mr. CORNYN introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Finance



To suspend temporarily the duty on electric pneumatic airsoft rifles.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


(a) In General- Subchapter II of chapter 99 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States is amended by inserting in numerical sequence the following new heading:

 ‘ 9902.01.00 Low energy air guns (ASTM F 2654) operated by pneumatic pressure created by an electrical air pump (provided for in subheading 9304.00.20) Free No change No change On or before 12/31/2011 ’.


 (b) Effective Date- The amendment made by subsection (a) applies to goods entered, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, on or after the 15th day after the date of the enactment of this Act.


Some CORNYN Factoids

Republican Senator (Junior Senator) from the great AIRSOFT STATE of TEXAS

He is rated “A” by the National Rifle Association…

SENATOR CORNYN’s Background Information, via Wiki:  LINK HERE

NEW INFORMATION:  From information below which we gathered after the original post, both the lobbyist working on behalf of Cyber-G and the Senator and his staff were “above board” in their filings of the proposed bill…and it was NOT the ONLY industry in the Senator’s home state that his office introduced similar tariff-suspension measures for in the same time frame.

However, the interesting information…and push back to the proposal came from a staff report by the US International Trade Commission, which contacted CROSMAN USA about their input on the proposal…and got one STRONG OPPOSITION VIEW from Crosman CEO Ken D’Arcy, in THE DOCUMENT LINK BELOW, which we’ll paraphrase here:

Crosman Corporation is the largest importer of low energy air guns and is opposed to a temporary suspension of import duties applicable to low-energy air guns of the type proposed in S. 2462 because the duty suspension would discourage the establishment of manufacturing of such air guns in the United States.”


THIS IS THE LINK to the PDF version of the USITC Staff Report on the bill, with Crosman’s opposition filing:

About the USITC…What they do…is covered in their Info Link RIGHT HERE:

And, to prove the “transparency” that’s now REQUIRED of all lobbyists in the USA…Here’s the required report from Cybergun/Softair USA’s lobbyist: LINK HERE

And more on their lobbying efforts in 2009 LINK HERE  AND in 2010  LINK HERE  From OpenSecrets.org, a major on-line watchdog organization:


Wow, we are so far behind now…but today is CATCH YOU UP Day from the 2011 SHOT SHOW, AGAIN, With the 3-D House of Airsoft trip out-west Sponsored EXCLUSIVELY by BIG BOY TOYS!

We have a TON OF GUNS to show you, reporting on an almost DIVINE meeting of Airsoft Media members at CYBERGUN’s Massive Display…yea, they DID talk with us, although they had so many “suits” in the afternoon we never did get an on-camera interview…they WILL be in 2011, though!

And first surprise later this morning, as Thumpy show you the meeting with one group of HIS PERSONAL HEROES….the gang from OPSGEAR!  Yea, Jaeger, Brandy, John and Bryan…in a THUMPY’s EXCLUSIVE….


THUMPY SHOT SHOW Update #7 – Crosman And Game Face

AIRSOFT MADE IN THE USA?  Maybe not too much longer….

We made a stop at CROSMAN/Game Face Airsoft’s SHOT SHOW display, and had a righteous conversation with several of their product reps, including top Airsoft line guru, Jim Masseth!
Here are some THUMPY Photos from Crosman’s GAME FACE lineup of HIGHER END Airsoft Guns….they are making great strides in upgrading to more metal pistols, licensing with trademarks from BUSHMASTER….
and, leveraging Crosman’s years of experience in CO2 airguns to push out some mighty impressive products..when they put their hearts behind the effort!  Here’s a quick look as SOME of what they’ll be putting out from their plant in NEW YORK STATE, USA this year!

Crosman’s BIG SHOT Show announcement involved an electronically controllable Pro-Hunting Grade Air Rifle that is being promoted by Pro Hunter Jim Shockey…so they CAN make a solid product, IF they decide they want to.  And, from what we were told at the Crosman display, AIRSOFT is a HUGE and GROWING part of Crosman’s sales totals, so the bosses should be listening to their customers.

IF you’d like a closer look, Check out GAME FACE Airsoft on their webpage RIGHT HERE! And, Thumpy will be pushing out a video interview with Jim Masseth from the SHOT Show 2011 edition SHORTLY!
AND, Special Thanks to Crosman’s Marketing Coordinator Laura Evans, and Web and Social Media Manager Chip Hunnicutt, who used to live in Wilmington, NC…just down the road from THUMPY, before Chip moved NORTH to “Lake Effect Snow Land” in UPSTATE NEW YORK.  That is just the OPPOSITE of the move the THUMPSTER made many, many blizzards ago!

Thumpy’s SHOT Show 2011 AIRSOFT NEWS #2

First Video is ONLINE on the YouTube Channel…and we’ve talked with KWA USA’s Allen “Allizard” Lau, as they scramble in an all-‘nighter to get their booth ready for some MAJOR AIRSOFT ANNOUNCEMENTS on the Opening Day Tuesday!

Check the latest at http://Thumpmaster6.wordpress.com

Thumpy’s SHOT Show 2011 AIRSOFT NEWS–#1

Thumpy’s SHOT Show 2011 AIRSOFT NEWS–#1

11:18AM Local VEGAS Time—17 January 2011

That’s Right…the THUMPSTER has made the BIG MOVE, and is setting up the 3-D HOTEL of Airsoft in Las Vegas for all the Airsoft Innovation News from the 2011 SHOT Show!

THUMPY WAS ON-THE-MOVE on SUNDAY…Flying US AIRWAYS to Las Vegas, via Charlotte and Phoenix…for the SHOT Show!
A HUGE THANK YOU to our buddy Jack “Kamikaze” Richmond and BIG BOY TOYS, who are the EXCLUSIVE SPONSORS of ALL of Thumpy’s INNOVATION NEWS FEEDS from the SHOT Show 2011!  We could NOT have done this without you, Kami!  CLICK ON THE BANNER ABOVE TO GET TO BBT’S ON-LINE STORE…OH, And Kamikaze and the guys have their OWN BIG NEWS, COMING SOON!
CLICK on the LOGO BELOW to go to the SHOW Show 2011 Home Page for all the details you’ll want…except, of course, what THUMPY will be breaking here this week!

SHOT has become THE EVENT for several major companies and gear manufacturers to make announcements of new products coming to distributors and dealers…and that’s why THUMPY IS HERE!
We’ll take on a slightly different look from the REGULAR 3-D House of Airsoft…as we’ll be pushing out POSTS instead of our usual HOMEPAGE….so you should ALSO PLAN ON signing up to the RSS FEED OR The 3-D House, via the site, over at FACEBOOK (THUMPY COVEY) and on the TWITTER Feeds, too!

WE Will also be feeding details as we can get them up at Arnie’s Airsoft, Popular Airsoft and over at the North Carolina Airsoft Organization forums…so, check EVERYWHERE ALL WEEK for the latest from THUMPY!

MORE LATER MONDAY, WE HAVE picked up our credentials, get some video and photos of the setup over at the SANDS Convention center…and get BUSY telling you what’s what in AIRSOFT AND MilSim from the SHOW!