Fulda Gap 2011 Social Media Partners!

CLICK THE LINKS/BANNERS BELOW TO SEE WHO IS HELPING OUT WITH THE 2011 FULDA GAP AIRSOFT SOCIAL MEDIA EVENT!!! — The Host Site for the annual FULDA GAP Airsoft and Paintball events…our gracious hosts, Lee Ann and Andrew “FERG THE MERCILESS” Ferguson!!! — — — — — NCAirsoft.org…the Forum for ALL THINGS AIRSOFT IN NORTH…


TWITTER IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS AT FULDA GAP!!! Thumpy3D The Camps are WAKING UP…It is NATO vs Warsaw Pact at FULDA GAP 2011 Airsoft event. Follow it LIVE at Thumpmaster6.wordpress.com!

Real Heroes and AIRSOFTERS to get a NEW HOME!

Congrats to our buddy and a true American hero, Vinnie “Lifer” Gizzarelli from Airsoft Team RAPTOR 1, a “Wounded Warrior”,a hero from two deployments in OIF AND OEF….and a real inspiration to everyone around “South Field” and in the North Carolina Airsoft Community….And his Wife (and airsofter) Jamie and their whole family, as they get…

YOU CAN “PULL A TRIGGER” at the NAA Airsoft Expo!

North Atlantic Airsoft Expo UPDATE:  CALLING ALL SHOOTERS! Z-Shot and PANTAC host Competitive Shooting Course! Shooting Challenge – Come test your skill! Pantac USA & ZShot.com is bringing their fun and competitive tactical shooting challenge to NAA Expo, where winner takes all! Participants with the best posted scores will take home valuable prizes including Ares…


How bout we get back into the AIRSOFT NEWS and INNOVATION Business, with another quick update on what’s happening?  GOOD! Thumpy’s next Web Adventure is ON THE WAY…You can stay tuned here for some teasers coming this week…and we hope to have the grand unveil at the North Atlantic Airsoft Expo in High Point, NC….which…

Two Buddies are BACK on the Airsoft ‘WEB!

Check out TWO of THUMPY’S Buddies, back on the World Wide Web-o-LOVE with more of what made them VOICES OF INNOVATION!  ONLY at Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft RIGHT NOW!   Click the link, ya slackers…you know you NEED to!  http://Thumpmaster6.wordpress.com

A HUGE Russian Game on VIDEO, and 9-Million for Cybergun?

What brings a THOUSAND Crazed Russian Airsofters to a once-secret MILITARY BASE for a major event?  Its the TANKS!!!  See for yourself, in some great video we’ve uncovered…also, A Cybergun Watch update, as investors fork over 9-MILLION EUROS in just ONE MONTH to Marsac and crew!..Airsoft must be big business??? All the details, all the…

Bigger an’ Badder than EVER BEFORE!!! FULDA GAP 2010

It is NOW OFFICIAL…FULDA GAP 2010 WILL BE THE BIGGEST ONE YET!  Over 400 players pre-registered before the cut-off ..that tops last year’s 395 TOTAL PLAYERS…and you KNOW you’ll need to be in line later Friday or early Saturday….because the walk-ons will be CRAZY!!!  This could be the first 500, 600, 700 player game in…


Catch the latest headlines as OP FULDA GAP gets ready to hit-the-field this weekend!  Command Decision gets the first pieces of their MOUT SITE….see the photo  and get all the details at THUMPY’S 3-D House of AIRSOFT TODAY!  http://Thumpmaster6.wordpress.com


It has become one of American Airsoft’s “MUST ATTEND” Events…and this weekend, FULDA GAP 2010 hits the fields of Western North Carolina at Command Decisions Wargames Center.   You can read all about it, get up-to-the minute details and EXCLUSIVES…and get your game face on….All this week at Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft!  http://Thumpmaster6.wordpress.com