People – The Saga of “Oddball’s Armory”

People of Airsoft Feature: The Saga of “Oddball’s Armory!”

It only happens to the Good Guys….or, “Negative Waves again, Moriarity?”

What happens when your FAVORITE gun isn’t made by a main-stream Airsoft manufacturer?  For some, its a long wait…ask the guys who begged and pleaded for a WW2 MP40’s for YEARS before the clone manufacturers stepped up and built one last year.   All you can really do is wait, OR step-up and put your manly gun-plumbing skills to the test and BREW YOUR OWN GUN.

This is where one of Thumpy’s HEROES of Airsoft comes in:  “Oddball” is well-known on the internet as the English chap who fashioned his own British Tetrarch Airborne Light Tank from an 8-wheeled Argocat ATV!

And, a quick scan of his YouTube Channel also shows that when he wants something that doesn’t exist, old “Oddball” just mans-up and BUILDS IT.  That’s particularly handy way of getting what you want, whether its  a  Boys Antitank Rifle,  a Thompson SMG, a Panzerschrek, a .30 M1911 LMG, or any of the other gun builds you’ll find in his videos.  And the ONLY way most World War Two Airsofter can play their version of our beloved game!

For Soviet/Russian fans, the “Holy Grail” has long been a PPSh 42 SMG. And, while manufacturers have long talked about doing one, “Oddball” again decided to roll-up his sleeves and get busy. He has been plugging away for a couple of months now, making his own and shooting video along the way…here’s Part 7 of his videos on the PPSh build…but BEFORE you view it, make sure you watch it ALL THE WAY TO THE END…as his ‘trial-and-error’ method of making the slotted heat shield, laminating up a stock that doesn’t quite work, and then fitting in a Type 7 M14 mechbox seem to be FINALLY coming together, JUST WHEN he makes a TERRIBLE discovery:

That’s right, EBayBanned Airsoft announced this weekend that a PPSh looks to be coming off the revamped Chinese Clone production lines, as they fire back up from the ChiCom crackdown this autumn!

As “Oddball” rightfully notes in his video, the two views on the corporate webpage SEEM to just be computer mock-ups. And while there’s some rationalization that months of work-and-wanting might just be one-upped by the profiteers, I’ll bet that HIS Home-Brewed gun will be MORE IMPRESSIVE and probably be every bit as good as the one you and I can buy in a box. Oh, and there’s always the possibility that “Oddball’ won’t have to work as hard to fashion up a magazine for his gun…since there will soon be some out there on the market!

I know just how this feels, since it used to happen to me in my other hobbies, of scale model armor building, and before that, motorcycle riding; just as you make a hand-crafted-with-loving-care modification that is “one of a kind,” some profiteering pro-outfit steps up and puts out the same exact thing you’ve been waiting MONTHS to buy! Sometimes it just plain SUCKS to be the GOOD GUY. But, we’ll be pulling for “Oddball”, and hope to see HIS PPSh completed BEFORE the Bad Guys get theirs shipped worldwide!

And, it breaks my heart just a little more that the Clone PPSh News came during Oddball’s favorite flick…Kelly’s Heroes, for those of you who didn’t pick out the “Oddball” references.

Still, even with the Negative Waves, “Oddball” is still a hero in Thumpy’s book, and we look forward to seeing more of his craftsmanship in the future!  TWO THUMPS UP!

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  1. Oddball says:

    Thanks baby (Oddball speak) just a note my old channel has gone so now at

    Woof Woof Woof

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