People: Mike Durland

People of Airsoft: Mike & Jacey Durland

OK, so what would YOU DO if you wanted to turn a profit trying to sell one of your FAVORITE Airsoft Guns? The last thing that might come to mind is, “Oh, I’ll just flip the old MP-5 to “Rock and Roll” and blast the crap out of my computer!”

Now that we have your undivided attention….

Who is this “Person of Airsoft?” Mike Durland is a dedicated airsofter in Thumpy’s home-base-state of North Carolina, playing primarily at Adventure Beach Airsoft, just north of the Myrtle Beach “Grand Strand” of South Carolina.  Mike and teenage son Jacey take part in major regional games and weekend pick-up events. “So far I have only played at Adventure Beach Airsoft, which I am currently trying to promote. I always play airsoft with my son Jacey (14), together we are like a strike team.:)”

Gun for Sale…and we’ll throw in a computer, slightly used…

But, back to that SWEET MP-5…and, I mean, how can ANY MP-variant NOT BE a Sweet gun?  Mike says it started life as a stone-stock G&G clone. “I basically took the stock gun and rewired it with solid core wiring, installed a trigger MOSFET (one that I made) and used a large type Deans’ connector to connect the battery.” Mike says, “I also changed the spring to a more reasonable FPS. The stock gun was a little over 400 fps, now it shoots around 350.”

And, as you carefully noticed in the video, with your hawk-like vision and recon-ninja jutsu skills, this is a home-brewed BLOWBACK system, modded by Mike himself long before the new AEG blowback craze hit the market. “It is a fake bolt that slides on a rail above the gearbox. The top of the gearbox is partially open to allow a piece of metal from the fake bolt to be pulled back by the piston.”

Mike says the gun has generally seen duty after the sun sets. “I mostly used this gun in night games because I can attach a tac light to the front rails. At night we use semi only, so the fast trigger response helps me get more plastic downrange than the average gun.”

So, why did he want to SELL such a sweet and sentimental “build?’  “It’s just a great performer, it doesn’t have special “Prometheus” parts or helical gears or anything yet is has been very reliable and a fast shooter.” But, Mike has another project in mind; “The reason why I am selling the MP5 is I recently bought a G&G HK51 from “Ghostmaker” (another NCAO Member/Regular) and it will be its replacement, after I do some “customizing” of course.”

Custom Build or Custom Destruction?

Like the customization he did to that Laptop? Remember the “victim” that caught our attention in the first place?
“It “WAS” a Toshiba Tecra old school (1999) laptop with windows 98. In computer terms it is a fossil.” But, Mike, why did it have to die? “Well I have had it in mind to destroy the boat anchor computer for a while but I wanted to make it a special occasion. When it came time to sell my 2nd favorite gun I figured it was time!”

No Worries there, as Mike has proven to be pretty handy around his PC-workbench as well as the Airsoft one, and has plenty of horsepower in his main edit station that is churning out videos for his YouTube Channel.  The main ‘compys at Mike’s are “2 beefy computers, one is a custom built (by me) IBM Intellistation M Pro and the other is a Dell XPS Gaming computer.”  And, they are getting a workout, in a new web-mini-series on Mike’s Channel, called “Immortals.”

Lights, Camera….and Airsoft

“Tell me a little more about the concept for the video mini-series you are putting together…what’s the inspiration?” Thumpy asks. “Our biggest influences are: Freddie Wong (The Guru of YouTube Special Effects How-To videos, and the Guitar Hero-HERO, too), Vic Mackey (The Shield), and 80’s action TV shows like The A-Team :)”

“Immortals” focus’ is more on shooting and special effects, mastered by 14-year-old Jacey, than the actually story line, which Mike says is “Intentionally ambiguous with an emphasis on action and not words.”

None-the-less, this father and son team are “shooting” up the charts, and as their Airsoft and video “arsenals” expand, Thumpy predicts this team might just achieve “IMMORTAL” status with fans and ‘Softers everywhere!

Check out one of their episodes here, or better yet…head on over to Mike and Jacey’s YouTube Channel for the VERY LATEST installment of “IMMORTALS” or to see what Mike might put down-range for his NEXT Target!

(Thanks to Mike and Jacey for allowing Thumpy to clip some screenshots of their “IMMORTALS” videos, and for their information provided for this feature!)

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