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OP: FULDA GAP 2009 – North Carolina’s Premier Airsoft Event     October 17-18, 2009    Bethlehem, NC

That’s right, its time to head Back to the ‘Gap!

Command Decisions Wargames Center (CDWC), in cooperation with the North Carolina Airsoft Organization (NCAO) is once again taking to the field for FULDA GAP 2009, October 17 & 18, And this year, hundreds of NATO and Warsaw Pact players will be backed by new surprises, and face new obstacles and challenges BEFORE the paintballers take the field!

“OP: Fulda Gap” is an historic representation of the East-West standoff across the Iron Curtain in the 1980’s. Complete with NATO and Warsaw Pact command cells, armored vehicles, simulated air strikes, artillery barrages, NBC attacks, and even the threat of tactical nuclear annihilation! Each team will have tactical and operational objectives to accomplish over a rugged 70+ acre complex of firebases, trench lines and terrain that echo’s the West German frontier of the Cold War.

This year’s event will be held the TWO weekends BEFORE Command Decision’s massive Paintball game at the same field, so those who don’t want to get slime on their gear will be in the “all-clear.”


There has been some confusion between the AIRSOFT and PAINTBALL versions of OP: Fulda Gap, as the CDWC website links some questions back and forth between the two events. The PAINTBALL event is the premier Fulda for Painters, however, AIRSOFTERS get to play the scenarios a couple of weekends earlier this year, thereby avoiding getting that chalky/sludgy paint residue all over our expensive Gucci gear!

Most of your questions can be answered by drilling down into this site, CDWC’s Most-Excellent Fulda Gap FAQ, on their website: http://www.fuldagap.com/faqs.shtml

Link to CDWC’s 2009 Fulda Gap AIRSOFT Website: http://www.fuldagap.com/airsoft.shtml


When is the AIRSOFT Fulda Gap Event? The 2009 OP: Fulda Gap for AIRSOFT ONLY is on October 17 and 18, 2009. Early arrivals at the field can take place on Friday, October 16 for camping and parking set up.

How do you get there? Here’s the travel map… http://www.fuldagap.com/Directions.shtml

BUT, BE ADVISED, The CDWC field is actually located in Bethlehem, NC…NOT in Taylorsville…that is just the mailing address. It’s a good idea to take along CDWC’s phone number and a MAP with DIRECTIONS, just in case (BECAUSE) you’ll likely get lost on the way there!

What does it cost?: $30 per player if you pre-register and pay before October 14th, 2009 $40 per player if you don’t, or if you register on-site Camping on-site is FREE, with rules for campsites here: http://www.fuldagap.com/RulesCamping.shtml

and here: http://www.fuldagap.com/CampingInfo.shtml

Don’t worry that you see “AIR” sites listed here…that’s for the Paintball game, but Camping by units and Vendors/Staff/Briefing areas will be well-marked when you arrive.

Is there a Map available of the field?:

Right here! http://www.fuldagap.com/tacticalmaps.shtml

I’ll be adding more to this post, but with 2-weeks and counting, if you have questions, post them here or contact CDWC DIRECTLY!


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