PhotoSoft: Battle of Khe Sanh 2009

A Photo Feature from Thumpy’s Hot Shots of the Battle of Khe Sanh 2009, held 14 November 2009 at Adventure Beach Paintball & AIRSOFT, in Tabor City, NC/Myrtle Beach, SC:

If you want to see ALL the photos from Khe Sanh, check out Thump’s Flickr Site:

ABP's Kevin Shimwell gets Khe Sanh started safely!
Young Guns ready for the battle ahead
The Pyramid was Khe Sanh's Control Tower...and a dangerous objective!
Green attackers about to "frag" The Pyramid with a Tornado Grenade
Tan protects the back door
Too late! The Frag attack takes out the first floor, but Tan fights off the Green attackers
JHBell Kisses the Nuclear Blarney Stone

Raptor 1, Tan's Award of Merit Team, and Best Sportsmanship Award, too!

Team USAGI was Thumpy's pick-up squad, that pulled off a miracle and was named Most Valuable Team for the Winning Tan/US side! Note my "bunny ears" courtesy JHBell.

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