As 395 WARRIORS and dozens more spectators will attest, FULDA GAP 2009 was a HUGE event, and a big success for Airsoft and for those who turned out in Green and Tan camo.


Warsaw Pact Commander Mike 82nd Customer Pritchard
Warsaw Pact Commander Mike "82nd Customer" Pritchard

This year’s scenario took the Warsaw Pact in TAN camo back into the “Cold War”-turned-Shooting War with NATO forces in GREEN-based camo.  Warsaw Pact commander Mike “82nd Customer” Pritchard was looking for the Three-pete as a Commanding Officer, versus the NATO defense with commanding Officer Joey “Preacher” Brunner

NATO C.O. Joey Preacher Brunner
NATO C.O. Joey "Preacher" Brunner

…and from the sounding of the starting rockets, it seemed to be “all uphill, both ways” for the Western Alliance.

Saturday’s fighting began at 1000 hours on Saturday with a spirited “invasion” across the Inter German Border by the “Red Hordes,” which took control of most of the major West German”cities”, represented by CDWC’s excellent prepared fighting positions and base areas.

It SEEMED like 17-Thousand People were fighting here!
Fulda, namesake town for the "Fulda Gap"

Much of the morning-to-midday action centered on the two KEY positions at CDWC, Fire Base Alpha, which was “Fulda”, and the exposed hilltop position known as Fire Base Rex…but for OP:Fulda Gap is transformed into “Camp Lee,” a lone NATO outpost and observation point that was centered on the main Soviet axis of advance into the heart of West German territory.

At one point, Warsaw Pact Command coordinated an airstrike and 2-pronged assault uphill from the IGB and the treeline west of Camp Lee, which got a toe-hold inside the outer perimeter ring of the defensive site.  But, as the Red attack stalled, NATO called in defensive chemical weapons, in the form of orange smoke grenades, that blanketed the site with simulated nerve agents.  NATO troops, alerted to the chem strike, donned masks as protection.  But at least 20 exposed Tan troops were caught without protective gear (paint masks doubled as a “gas mask) and alert refs tagged them out, just as an assault from south of Lee, backed by a light armored vehicle sporting a BB-firing, death-spewing MINIGUN retook the base.  But, NATO was unable to hold against unrelenting pressure, and eventually had to withdraw into a tightening Red Ring of Death! (Dramatic, isn’t it?)

By 1300 hours, Warsaw Pact/Tan forces had taken a commanding lead, allowing “82nd Commander” to ‘call an audible’ that added some drama to the rest of Saturday afternoon’s fight.  “82nd” (Pritchard) called his sub-commands via radio and reported that the command cell was moving out to the fight, and would be “radio silent” and off-the air for the next 2 hours.  It was up to the junior commanders and individual sub-units to “pick up” the fight, coordinate among themselves, and make decisions on how to press the attack.  One downside of that dead hole was a Friendly Fire airstrike called in by “82nd” without his trusty RTO (ThumpMaster6…that’s right, Old Thumps was the RED Radioman again this year, rocking 6 radios and 11 Channels from the Soviet General Command Bunker) that took out more than 20 Tan troops!  But the fight for the Motherland pressed on!

At the same time, “Preacher” (Brunner) was rallying his forces inside Frankfurt/Sim City, a collection of buildings and obstacles that is the largest “urban” area at CDWC, and formed a base-of-operations for NATO, along with several probing attacks toward Fulda/FB Alpha and Marlburg/Hamburger Hill.

Sim City was Frankfort in NATOs Defensive Scheme
Sim City was Frankfurt in NATO's Defensive Scheme

Saturday’s fight ended with a Warsaw Pact lead that was HUGE, but not insurmountable, and the new forces allowed the NATO troops to out-score Warsaw Pact in Saturday’s night game, and in the Sunday battle phases, too!  The night game saw amazing close-quarters fighting, with several participants reporting multiple knife kills, close-range action, and even reports of a hatchet attack and one “light-saber” KIA!

It was at that point that two TAN units, Raptor 1 and Recondo “switched sides;” Picking up green Flecktarn camoflage longcoats from Scenario Supply, the valiant “Free German” forces re-entered the battle under NATO’s command, and stayed in the fight through Sunday’s END-EX as Green troops.  It was an amazing display of sportsmanship and fair-play that brought balance to the rest of the event.

Sunday was a brisk 40 degrees with a light wind that chilled things down, but cleared the brilliant Carolina blue skies, revealing the surrounding mountain ranges and  changing  autumn colors that took warriors through a time-and-space warp “into Germany” for the final battles!

Warsaw Pact was on the defensive, holding a minimum number of cities…and immediately sprang to the counter-attack.  NATO, again thrown off balance, recovered and took the lessons of their defense on Saturday into a “dig-in and give-n0-ground” fight, in several instances around OP Romeo/Holiday and  Bad Hersfeld/Duckett they were shooting apart uphill assaults with excellent use of cover, concealment and interlocking fields of fire…and when Green troops were hit, they took advantage of a close-in respawn point, reloaded and charged back into the fight to help save battle-buddies!  One attack that Thumpy was a part of was literally pinned down near Bad Hersfeld for over 45 minutes, with each side giving as good as they got, eventually with Warsaw taking the bases, and then being thrown back across the IGB before the final culminating battle late Sunday.

And it was the Mother of all Assaults…as witnessed by the excellent photo and video coverage from folks like “Joshua” from the South Carolina Airsoft Association (SCAA).  Here’s a 9 Minute video put together by “Joshua” from SCAA:

“Joshua” will also be posting up photos at the following Photobucket link:


And you can check out more photos from Saturday and Sunday at Thumpy’s Flickr site:


And, coming soon, High Def Video of Fulda Gap 2009!


Command Decisions Wargames Center and their staff and volunteers once again excelled at providing a safe, demanding and entertaining Airsoft event that most veterans of big USA adventures say was a WORLD-CLASS experience! 

Lee Ann and Andrew “Ferg” Ferguson outdid themselves as game organizers and gracious hosts, answering questions from the ridiculous and the mundane and beyond with a smile and a “we’ll get you that answer” approach that makes them tops in Thumpy’s Little Red Book!

Great thanks to the big sponsors of this year’s Fulda Gap….Big Boy Toys and Jack “Kamikazi” Richmond:

Airsoft Carolina provided a GREAT gun, too!!!

and Scenario Supply donated guns, gear and other goodies, along with a couple of big-name National-level sponsors.

Tactical DuoStocks Doug Jennings
Tactical DuoStock's Doug Jennings

Tactical Duostock’s Doug Jennings, who gave away several of their innovative tactical buttstocks as raffle prizes…and provided demonstrations, product support and some fun and friendly conversation throughout the weekend.

And ESS Airsoft provided FOUR sets of their high-tech Airsoft Eye Protection Systems with the INNOVATIVE  “Cortex Clip” for the Saturday AND Sunday Mega Raffles!

And, stay tuned to Thumpy’s YouTube channel for video, to the NCAO Fulda Gap AAR (After Action Review) where battle stories are piling in, and right here at Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft, for more in-depth coverage.  And, we want YOU to leave your comments and stories in the COMMENTS section of this page, too!

For now, Thumpy….OVER and OUT!

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  1. Thumpy, Pictures look great ( of me, anyway!!) Thanks for the attention. I had a great time and look forward to the Expo already.
    I’m sending a link to this to my boss in Okla. Your description of the weekend says it better than I can.
    Make sure you find me in High Point!!!
    Thanks again,

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