FULDA GAP 2009-Saturday Wrap-up 17 October 2009

Fulda Gap SPECIAL-Part One!!!

Day One is “in the books,” for this year’s Operation Fulda Gap!  Before the sun rose Saturday October 17th at Command Decisions Wargames Center in Bethlehem, NC, dozens of would-be NATO and Warsaw Pact Warriors were stirring, rolling out of tent or rolling into the parking areas.

With additional staff for this 4th annual event, headed by CDWC’s Lee Ann Ferguson, things ran like clockwork, “Refs” getting pre-registered and walk-in players signed in, “banded” with blue or red wrist tags, and pushed, poked and prodded through the chronograph queue.  No small feat, when the total of players for Saturday’s full-day missions totalled more than 380 participants!  That once again makes Fulda Gap the largest event in NC state Airsoft history…and one of the largest regularly scheduled site hosted events anywhere on the East Coast!

Game Guru Andrew “Ferg” Ferguson had the assembled masses gathered stage-front by 1000 hours, welcoming everyone and conducting the always-professional safety briefing, which included detailed minimum engagement distances, hit-calling rules and other regulations specific to CDWC’s 70-plus acre battlefield complex.  There was plenty of give-and-take, with many of the newer players taking in the North Carolina Airsoft Organization’s guidelines, and ‘veterans’ also adding and clarifying for the Fulda Gap ’09 scenarios, which includes vehicle/anti-vehicle combat, simulated airstrikes and even chemical and nuclear attacks that can be called in by the combatant commanders.

This year it was the Warsaw Pact, headed again by Mike “82nd Customer” Pritchard ,versus the NATO defense with Joey “Preacher” Brunner at the helm…and from the sounding of the starting rockets, it seemed to be all uphill for the Western Alliance.

More of Saturday’s Action!

While Saturday’s Night game results and Sunday’s battles are yet to be totalled, the one CERTAIN outcome of this year’s Fulda Gap is a strengthening of the Airsoft “scene” in the Southeast, centered on North Carolina…and a truly forceful push by organizers like the Fergusons,  great sponsors like ESS Goggles and Tactical Duostock and others,  and vendors like Airsoft Carolina and Big Boys Toys to all throw their support behind the players, makes the Grand’daddy of Airsoft events in the Tarheel State a great outcome– whatever the final score!

We’ll have more in-depth coverage, more photos and VIDEO of Fulda Gap in the days to come!  See you all on the battlefield NEXT YEAR!

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