Virginia Airsoft Fields–the Three B’s are Triple A!

Virginia Airsoft RULES…Know the 3 B’s

A STRONG airsoft scene in the Commonwealth of Virginia gets better and better.  And all you have to know to get “into-the-flow” is Know the 3-B’s:

Blackwater Airsoft: Blackwater is actually in Knotts Island, NC, but a fave of VA players!

They have a limited number of rentals, food AND they’ll take your Plastic, too, if you forget to crack the ATM on the way out!

Ballahack Airsoft: Another solid field, and GROWING leaps and bounds, in Southern Chesapeake.

And, where ELSE might your find yourself in a REAL helicopter assault during a big-game weekend!

Blackstone Airsoft: VA Players say Blackstone is the “Ultimate” Airsoft experience..and when you SEE the website, even you might be itchin’ for a trip to Old Virginie!

Good Luck to these fields…and the players who support them…you guys have a smokin’ trio of B-Fields that are A+ in Thumpy’s Book!  We’ll need to visit real soon.

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  1. nate says:

    were is this at and what is the age limit

  2. Good reviews of three very solid fields, but there is also a 4th “B” to found in Virginia.
    Bethel Airsoft is a much smaller field than the 3 big boys, but it is a solid filed, and they make an effort to upgrade, and modify the field every week.
    It is a work in progress, but what they have already is a good field, run by a fair staff, and the type of comraderie, and helpfulness which makes it perfect for the up and coming airsofter.
    They have two rental guns, a $10 fee, and evry game plays on into the night.
    I am not a representative of Behtel Airsoft at all; just an airsoft enthusiast with a webpage, so if you would wish to look into this field you can find the forums at:
    Thanks for the great articles,

    1. thumpmaster6 says:

      I need to update, because, of COURSE we all know the reputation of Bethel in Tidewater VA…You ALL seem to be playing a very solid brand of Airsoft in the Commonwealth! Thumpy….OVER

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