Airsoft Sites: Cool Combat in NC

COOL COMBAT! A new place to sling Plastic in N.C.!

Posted July 2010


Venues that are Airsoft-only are starting to spread up and down the East Coast, and another is about to kick-off its inaugural event in July.

Steve and at CoolCombat in Winston-Salem, NC has posted up a website link and details of the newest Airsoft addition to the Old North State, over a the NC Airsoft Forum (

A 22-Acre site that seems to have some rough edges that we are CERTAIN will be knocked off over time, but include lots of wrecks, a-la Mad Max, to fight around and over, a good mix of open ground and woods, and it appears from the overhead map that they have some room to expand!

Their first event will be in September, called the Supreme Soldier Shoot-out, with a unique series of events designed to test the best Airsoft Warfighters!  Check the Details HERE:

AND get all the details on CoolCombat HERE at their Main Website!

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