PolarStar’s Mechbox “REPLACEMENT”-Making a CLASSIC Move

Throw out your Mechbox?

You may WANT TO, when you see what PolarStar Precision Airsoft Components is prepping for TRUE INNOVATION in Airsoft!

Check out this PolarStar video….and see the other test videos of the PolarStar MechBox Replacement at their YouTube Channel, HERE


PolarStar Airsoft is well-known in US Airsoft Sniper circles already, for their truly superior VSR-10/APS Tupe 96 and Tanaka M-700 internal parts…and earlier featured in a Thumpy’s 3-D Release on an INNOVATIVE threaded suppressor adapter for KWA-USA’s NEW NS2 version mini SMG’s (KMP7’s, in particular)  The AIRSOFT side of the INNOVATION factory comes well-grounded in the other side of the house, PolarStar Engineering, a high-tech firm that goes “from art to part,” in design and fabrication of special items for everything from exotic autos to high-performance boats.


Roy Noji of PolarStar contacted Thumpy’s about the PolarStar HPA Gearbox Engine, just moments after we “discovered” their YouTube videos posted earlier this week.  And, while they are SHOWING off the prototype, PolarStar can’t publicly-release much about its features yet. The true brainchild/mad scientist/master designer of the system is PolarStar’s Ben Noji, who says the HPA Gearbox Engine was “originally designed as a high power, DMR platform with consistent power” but they found that “the system performed well enough to adapt to full auto operation.”

And, from the beginning, it seems that PolarStar’s objectives were much like those that are the foundation of the 3-D House of Airsoft, from the original Arnie’s Airsoft INNOVATION Thread.


Ben Noji explains; “This system was designed with accuracy and reliability as the primary goals.  In order to achieve these goals felt recoil was minimized and the overall design was optimized using the least amount of parts.”  As seen in the video, a nozzle and some type of piston seem to be the only “moving” parts, shaped inside a cylinder of similar size and shape to the upper half of a standard AEG mechbox,  And for good reason.  “To sum it up this system is essentially a drop-in mechbox which turns any version 2 aeg into an externally powered HPA gas rifle.” Ben Noji says.  “The hose connection will come out the bottom of the grip like most classics and can it can reuse the same HPA regulator / tank setup.”

Other releasable details include:

– External HPA (Low Pressure)
– Electronic Fire Control (Programmable Semi, Burst & Auto modes)
– Closed Bolt, NBB, Minimal Recoil
– Fast Trigger Response
– Independently Adjustable ROF & FPS
– Runs off standard 9v or any common airsoft battery.
– Drop-In Installation. No modifications required.

And, don’t feel left out, if you are an AK-47/74/101,  G-36, M-14 or OTHER-gun fan, as PolarStar’s long-range plan is to introduce other versions, as drop-in replacements for other popular mechbox types, like the Version 3.  AND, from one of their videos, an even larger plan could be on the drawing board, since the Mechbox replacement can also dial in a slower rate-of-fire, that even an M-2 .50 caliber heavy Machine Gun might be a possibility.  “Other gearbox versions are already in development and will follow after a successful launch of a version 2 system,” Roy Noji says.

And, to Thumpy, it is not just the performance, or the number of potential fail-point that might be removed when you do away with shims, gears, anti reversal latches and interior electrical connections by “going Pneumatic.”  It is the SOUND, and, perhaps, the potential to ADD real tactile recoil feel or remove it, depending on the needs/preferences of the shooter.  Real-steel training?  Dial in more PSI, add internal heft, and you’ll get recoil, as is done now in such virtual simulations training systems as FATS trainers.  Or, if you are just skirmishing, and you want lots of sound, but better overall accuracy. Select it back, and get what Roy describes above.

Final notes from PolarStar “We’ll have more info available soon along with an official press release.  Until then stay tuned.”

You can be ASSURED of that!   Thumpy…..Standing By!

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  1. Warut says:

    When this polar star gaerbox go to be out for pre- sale or sale online

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