INNOVATIVE PARTS: Azimuth Airsoft Piston

In need of a RUGGED piston?  Try one of THESE!

The cats at WGC Shop have found one of the toughest pistons I’ve ever seen!  We need to lay our hands on one of these Azimuth pistons, for a THUMPY style piston-crackin’-good time!

They list these as being made of “Polycarbonate & NAK80” and another version comes with full-metal teeth.  Best of all, they list for under $15 bucks each! Gotta try this in an upgrade, soon!

And, with one supposedly INSIDE a mechbox, it looks to take a LiPo lickin- and keeps on tickin’:

Thanks to “mikkel987” over on the Y’allTube!  That’s a hummer you’ve got there, man!

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