Airsoft “Motion Tracker”-INTRO


Redwolf TV Shows off the “Motion Tracker:”

Say you’ve always wanted a “heartbeat sensor” or Motion Tracker like your favorite FPS hero? Science Fiction is now AIRSOFT Fact, as the lads over at Redwolf TV demonstrate the new Motion Tracker modules:

While this looks like an impressive piece of kit, Old Thumpy has his doubts about how viable TACTICALLY a set of these will be in the field, during a game. First and foremost is the PRICE, which will keep them out of the hands of all-but the most well-monied players and teams. Secondly, the small screen, and beeping/clicking buttons do not yield themselves to a “stealthy” approach to a potential target: although your DO get to see a rough approximation of your other teammates locations, you will be just as likely to see them as to figure out where they are from one of the trackers, as it only gives you an approximation of range as represented in the distance rings.

While their TACTICAL value might be doubtful, they COULD have a higher-level use at the “gross tactics” or “Operational” levels, for a Friendly Unit Commander to “see” his forces in real-time, and develop what the German Army calls “fingertip feel” (“Fingerspitzengefuhl”) : to know where his larger units (squads/platoons and up) are in relation to each other, and their relation to potential “targets” for tactical coordination. It could cut down on the need for repetitive radio traffic “sitreps” and allow adjacent sub-leaders to also share a better tactical awareness on the field. They could also be used as some pretty awesome props for scenario writers and game organizers to work into an event…but again, this could be too high a cost to put many in the field. Lets hope Generation 2 of these Motion Trackers is a bit more rugged, and a little less costly, but we’ll reserve all those judgements until we get a hands-on look at them in the future: One of our key players here in NC has ordered a set for a test-run.

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