KWA USA…the Guns the PROS USE!

Folks in Colorado are about to find out what Civilian and Military/LE clients around the GLOBE know…KAPAP Denver Firearms Academy has announced an exclusive dealer partnership with KWA USA for the Colorado Security, Law Enforcement and Military market.

Why is this a great move for BOTH companies, and their customers.  First off, AIRSOFT IS GREAT FOR PLAY, and even BETTER FOR TRAINING FOR THE REAL LIFE PERSONAL OR PROFESSONAL DEFENSE. From KAPAP’s own Press Release: “With the ever increasing cost of Simunition, training accessories (and potential injury to officers during training) , Professional blowback airsoft offers realistic and economical “Force on Force” training, and will actually allow agencies to cost effectively increase their level of training, and all without the need for special equipment!  Airsoft technology in tactical training applications has gained momentum and wide acceptance over the recent years. Many Military and Law Enforcement operators have integrated airsoft firearms into their “Force on Force” training programs because of its realism and relatively low cost of operation.”

That’s experience you can bank on…even your life!

KWA USA 1911 Style MK II PTP in Desert Tan

And, not just ANY Airsoft gun will do!  KAPAP CHOSE KWA-USA’s Professional Series, because as they explain “(it) was developed in consultation with top tactical trainers from around the world. Every pistol in the series includes exclusive features designed to enhance realistic scenario training. What sets KWA apart from the competition is patented NS2 internal gas delivery system. The system offers reliability while providing the most realistic blow back action available today.”

And, KWA’s happy about the news….but far from resting on its laurels!  “For over a decade KWA has been the industry leader of airsoft weapons. Our products can be found in Federal, and local Law Enforcement training facilities nationwide. KWA offers quality products with unparalleled service and is the preferred airsoft brand for “Force on Force” training.”

Official KAPAP News Release LINK HERE


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