KWA-USA KG36C Commando

KWA KG36C Commando Review

By Alan Covey “ThumpMaster6”:

OK, so we ALL know that the first gun from any new manufacturer is bound to just plain suck!  It will be “a dud”, a “turkey”, a “no-good such-and-such that I wish I’d never spent cash on!”  Or, even worse!

But, what happens when a well-know and highly-respected GBB pistol company decides to take their very first AEG to a totally new plane-of-existence?  That’s just what KWA has done with their KG36C Commando. One very tricked-out ‘black gun’ that shoots more like a laser than a 6-mm plastic-slinger.  And, it’s making some big noise with stealth players for making very little noise, too.

You can tell something different is up by the little red sticker on the box cover, next to the words “Initial Speed 120m/sec.”

Sure. Right.

Wicked Parts Abound:

The “heat” from this brand-new Taiwan-made beauty is deep inside the very tricked-out and battle-hardened Version 3 mechbox.  Not 6mm, not 7mm, but a total of SIX 8 and 9mm BALL BEARING-loaded hubs for the gears are all hitched-up to a 1000-class motor, a completely insane piston/head/cylinder assembly, and on the standard here-in the-KWA USA version, an M120 spring that pumps out the plastic, as the US Marines say, at the cyclic rate!

The solo included magazine is a 400-round hi-cap wind-up affair, and the only visible hardware on it is a small star-point screw near the winder wheel on the mag’s bottom.  A feed door on the top flips back to allow dump-loading, and the whole thing looks like a solid build.  It does have the real-steel’s stackable magazine lugs on the left, and hook points on the right.  Easy to snap together and get apart fast.  Its plastic goodness locks in and comes out of the mag-well with an easy forward press of  the plastic mag release lever, and without  a player having to look or pawing the air to find it, either. Love those German ergonomics!   And, the ‘mag feeds the plastic hop-up tube like a dream.  This ‘baby loves to eat up ammo and spit out the pain!

The KG36C has 3 metal Weaver rails on the enlarged fore grip that comes standard, and it looks like it might have enough room inside for even a fairly large 9.8v battery up front.  ANY battery does add a forward-heavy tilt to this rifle’s balance, but that’s much like the real-steel HK UMP 9MM I’ve fired.  In fact, it has that same slab-sided feel, much more like a top-heavy UMP or an AK, rather than the balanced craftsmanship of an MP5, the queen of full-auto Euro-engineering.

The inner barrel is anodized black outside and has a fake gas spring above it; a nice touch since you can see both of them through the cooling ports on the fore grip, which is held in place with a cross-pin that’s a little loose for my liking, and it does NOT feature any retention spring or clip.  Break out the 100-mph tape to keep it in place, or swap it for an aftermarket part. It is THE only part on this gun you’ll want to change.

The long top rail is plastic, with a pair of metal sights—a hooded front blade sight, and a 2-position flip-up rear peep, with only a slight difference in the apertures.  Some will want to break out a small bit and enlarge one of the other.

The ambi-cocking handle and bar under the rail are plastic, but with nice faux steel-look weld beads molded into the plastic. They move the right side-only ejection port cover to the rear, to reveal a neat twist-style hop-up adjustment “cylinder.”  It is not a knob or lever, but actually twists around the barrel/cylinder interface, and is very, very precise and easy to dial in.  The charging handle lever does not lock back the port, though, and you’ll need to cross-hand the ‘36 to make any changes inside.

The folding stock with rubber butt pad gets moving to the right side with an easy push of the button catch, and locks into place with a nice snap. And, it stays there!  I doubt you’ll use it folded much in CQB, since this gun shoots SOOO hot most sites even here won’t allow close engagement ranges, but it would be a nice feature for moving through tight terrain, or into and out of vehicles.  You’ll need it locked back anyway if you plan on using a long 2 or 3-point sling, or you can add some HK snap-links to hook it from the left-side rear attachment points on the stock, or the one loop next to the folding hinge.  Alas, the rear points are plastic and might not hold up well.  But, the front points are metal, and offer a left-or-right attachment point, to suit any taste.

Shooting IS Believing:

When you unhinge the ambidextrous safety lever and flip it to Rock and Roll mode, the KG36C really starts to impress!

We test fired it on a 90-plus degree summer evening here in eastern North Carolina, where the humidity was well above 80-percent.  But, whoa-mama, the ‘chrony didn’t know the difference!  With a mini 2/3-C cell, 8.4v battery, this thing shot laser-like full auto strings of .20g’s at between 372 and 379 fps!  What?  ‘Yupers, nearly the posted 380fps that KWA USA promises on the box top, stock, right out of the box!  And the super-sano hop-up let us dial in the accuracy to hit a target the size of an oil drum at nearly 100-feet.  At danger-close range, semi or full auto had us scoring hits on anything you could point the muzzle at.  Telephone poles at 75-feet, a 4-by-4 inch post at 30-meters (6 of 10 hits, and you could see the marks where the plastic put dents in the weathered wood!  You could probably get even better accuracy with .25g rounds, and still keep the velocity up in the 350 fps range.)   This is a combination of un-heard of accuracy AND power at its price-point, and from a stone-cold stock gun.

But it’s the sheer volume of rounds it spits downrange that impressed us, too; well over 15 BB’s a second.  A long string will put the sting on any exposed target, so much so that you’ll have to remember to take you finger OFF the trigger before you hose down your opponent in a spray of plastic rain!   And it does all that with one of the most-quiet mechbox combinations you’ll never hear.  Amazingly quiet.  The ball-bearings inside and an exceptionally quiet motor make this one gun where NOT hearing is believing.

It is easily the most-impressive gun most players will ever take directly from a box and slap BB’s and a battery into.  If Marui and high-end guns are the gold standard, this one might become the platinum, when you consider its cost-minus needed improvements will actually save some players big bucks.  Only downsides we’ve heard about, now that these guns and KWA USA’s M-4’s have been skirmished for a bit is that the addition of a LiPo  or NiHM battery more than 9.6v has been leading to some stripped piston teeth.  But, you’ve gotta really work hard to mistreat this one long enough to break it.  Why the KWA USA KG36C is making many hard-corps players take a strong look at this old-time newcomer’s first AEG, and wondering what might be next for this up-and-coming company.  Something else in a black rifle?….Pray it is so!

KG36C Commando New Assault Rifle


Version marked as weighing 3120g (including battery)

Initial Speed 120m/sec

(Other version check box has weight 2880g (including battery)

and initial speed 100m/sec)

Overall Length 718mm/500 mm with stock folded

Barrel Length  247 mm

Mag Capacity 400 Rounds HiCap Winder/Bottom

Markings on body are engraved

Standard HK Safe/Semi-single shot/Full Auto

On the marking panel, left side- engraved:



Kal. 6,00mm


02 05

Stickers: left side

Made in Taiwan (above the marking panel)

Warning sticker on the mag well-left

“Do not peep at the muzzle at any time”

Markings-Right side

Only the HK ambi safe/semi/full bullet markings

Magazine Markings

Dark-black smoky translucent

Oval on right side: Cartouche



Kal. 6,00mm

Also has a bullet marked (proud) just below the feed lips/mag mouth

Left side has rounded rectangle with

Kal. 6,oom  Id

(Published in USASOC Airsoft Magazine, Vol 2, Issue 4  (Tenth Issue, April/May 2008))

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