Thumpy’s On the RAG—RAGPULL Does a 16-Bit!

WOW!  What can we say?  THUMPY was knocked out when AIRSOFT MEGASTORE made some of us ‘softers into 8-Bit game characters back during SHOT Show 2013….see the VIDEO BELOW…..but then our buddy RAGPULL ROGUE hit the Thumpy Snail Mail Inbox with THIS LIL’ BEAUTY!

photo (1)

For those not familiar with the RAGPULL, this rugged, innovative product was one of those “there has to be a better way” to run a deadrag solutions that just plain works.  Made in the USA, great materials, easy to store/deploy/repack and just cool as it is….but now you can “get your print on” for your team, business or just because ROGUE LOVES YOU!

photo (5)

AIRSOFTOLOGY Jonathan turned us onto the RAGPULL and we have to say, it just plain works and is big enough to keep you from getting shot when you just plain ‘wanna walk back to respawn without “taking one” in the head, heart or ass!   We will rock this proudly!

photo (4)

Can NOT Thank RAGPULL nearly enough…want details or to get your own?  HIT THE RAGPULL FACEBOOK PAGE HERE, and also get more from RAGPULL ROGUE’s FB Page RIGHT HERE!

And, as promised…the SHOW Show vid with AMS Vince and Muhl…back in the day!: