Airsoft Deep Thoughts by Thumpy #2: Tactical Feed Bag?

OK, so is THIS how I’m supposed to use this thing, Daryle?


Seriously, I thought a Tactical Feed Bag would at least hold my MRE Cherry Blueberry Cobbler….but this won’t even hold the Accessory pack Tootsie Roll!  Dang!

Oh Wait!   This think is supposed to COVER MY MOUTH, isn’t it!  Muzzle Cover!  I get it…you think you are funny, don’t you Mister?

Actually is IS a muzzle cover…and our buddies The Sewells at ON TARGET AIRSOFT did the SAFETY THING and gave these away with every one of their guns sold for Christmas!  That’s why they are TOPS IN OUR BOOK here at the 3-D House of Airsoft…even if they “suggest” that Thumpy should just “cover his muzzle” in the New Year.  FAT CHANCE, Operators!

Stay Classy ON TARGET…and say thanks to the Sewell gang down in Georgia, when you visit their links:

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Twitter: @OnTargetAirsoft