WILDLIFE, SAFETY and AIRSOFT….Lessons from a video…BY THUMPY

SAFETY! – REAL Deer in Airsoft Game! – RoguePlank on YouTube

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Great catch…so lets have a little discussion on WILDLIFE ON THE FIELD OF PLAY:

1- DO NOT SHOOT WILDLIFE you might encounter on a field, unless its a matter of extreme “self-defense.” You’re not going to kill anything, but could injure an animal and make it more dangerous if encountered in the future. Airsoft WILL scare away many animals without a hit…we have heard of guys shooting snakes to “break contact” and get away…but, ONLY AS A LAST RESORT, not simply because the little deer ran across our path and we lit it up. WRONG!

2-WHEN WILDLIFE ARE MOVING, HUNTERS ARE MOVING, TOO! You might cross paths with HUNTERS in the same woods you are in. IMMEDIATELY STOP…START YELLING LOUDLY, WHISTLE, BLOW HORNS, GET OUT DEAD RAGS…..MAKE YOURSELF VISIBLE AND STOP PLAY until you and the Hunters have direct physical contact and disengage!
You do not want unaware or possibly even illegal hunters to mistake you for a deer/bear/other animal…or to startle them. ACCIDENTS CAN AND DO HAPPEN…we have had this happen to us for real…and they will often pull out of the area immediately. ESCORT them out, if they are in YOUR AREA…and report this to your field owner/manager so they can handle the situation.

and 3- Be good stewards of the woods you play in. Its your play-space; it is where animals live. Pact it in, pack it out…leave no trace…Tread Lightly…whatever the mantra, if you treat your spot well, it will treat YOU well…but always be aware of your real-world surroundings and be ready for threats that come from third-parties on the field…with 2, 4 or NO legs…and have a plan to respond!