What is going on in the World? Airsoft’s Deadly Rules….by THUMPY


Yes, what IS happening in the world?  All this instability at present certainly has some vector to what’s happening in airsoft and milsim around the globe; after all, our games and scenarios are drawn from real-life events, participants, and their guns, gear and goodies.  And, we airsofters do, as a general rule, support the “good guys” and play the “bad guys” with some zeal for living a false reality every weekend.  There is another side to airsoft that I see in the AIR STUPID/AIR SMART series of stories that I gather, and that is the MISUSE of what is essentially a non-lethal airsoft gun to simulate the real thing, without the consequences.

BUT, there will always be consequences.  Legal consequences, from a disapproving “anti-gun” public or officials.  Or Physical consequences, from someone being shot by police, a shop owner, an armed citizen or neighbor, or even a rival military or paramilitary group who has real-steel and feels threatened by our replicas.  Or by those who would not properly use airsoft guns in public, and taint our game’s reputation for safety, fair-play and honor.
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The key is to educate the public and ALL airsofters of our modified version of Colonel Jeff Cooper’s rules:  ALWAYS Treat every AIRSOFT gun as if it is real, loaded and can be perceived by others to others who don’t/can’t know the difference
NEVER point your airsoft gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot, destroy, injure or disturb
KEEP your finger off the trigger until you align your sights on something you intend to destroy….like your career, your ability to go to school, drive a car, vote in an election…yea, you can destroy things BEHIND the muzzle just as easily as you can in front of it….and,
KEEP your focus on what your target is….and what is beyond that target.  And, THUMPY posits that a TARGET for airsofters might also include anyone who could do harm to our game by legislating it out of existence, through the irresponsible acts of any one of us.