Yea, this just happened!

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From Left: Mrs. Rangemaster, the one and only RANGEMASTER LARRY, THUMPY, and Mrs. Thumpy! Oh, and last but not least, back there in Row Two…SPARKY the WONDER JEEP!

There IS a life outside Airsoft and MilSim, but, hey…this crazy ‘biz sometimes makes strange bedfellows.  Take this as Exhibit One, your honor; RANGEMASTER LARRY’s uncommon ability to be everybody’s best sidekick.  He’s actually the frontman for the AIRSOFT MEDICINE podcast and YouTube channel…don’t believe all that “its-all-about DOCTOR AIRSOFT” hype…and recently Larry and his lovely wife “Mrs. Larry” (name withheld to protect the PerSec of the whole Larry crew, for no particularly necessary military or strategic reason…it just sounds cooler!) made a run from the “land of gun persecution” to the rough general neighborhood of the 3-D House of Airsoft.  The reason for the visit was a Mother’s Day trip to see their real-deal, no-lie Marine Corps hero kid of the Larry Clan…who just happens to live ‘cross the creek and down the road from Thumpy and my clan.

But there was a semi-devious double-blind undercover mission behind this cross-country trip; to get together away from the only place we ever get to see each other…the once-a-year madness that is the Airsoft Media Frenzy of the SHOT Show in Las Vegas.  And, we had a BLAST!  First night, we visited one of the most-amazing local attractions here in the greater Marine-town area…the private club/bar/museum that is Sywanyks’ Scarlet And Gold Traditions : LINK HERE  and LOTS OF PHOTOS: LINK HERE!  After a fun evening of meeting the good SGT Major Sywanyk and other Friends of Thumpy’s who add a ton of color to the already-colorful place…we pulled the top of SPARKY THE WONDER JEEP and took the good Rangemaster and Missus down to the beach for a sand ride, a visit to our local SEA TURTLE HOSPITAL…and a ton of laughs!

While we were out…and here’s the semi-devious part…their son was whipping up a special Mother’s Day dinner!  What a kid!  We are already planning on keeping an eye on this man-kid…as he lives in the same neighborhood as our buddy LIL EVIL, who’s also a Marine/MilSim GOD with the RAPTOR 1 MilSim team.   Apparently they are friends, too!  So, there could be another generation of MilSim Rangemasters just over the horizon!

And, as we said over and over, its funny how small this community of great guys is…and THE RANGEMASTER is the best of the best.  Even a better sidekick than Ed McMahon or Andy Richter.  You need to pay him more, Doc….more than he makes at the Banana Stand…or I’m likely to steal him, and move him to the East Coast!

THANKS LARRY and Ms. “J”…we can’t wait to get together again soon!

THUMPY and MRS. THUMPY…oh, …and SPARKY, too!