COMING SOON: Thumpy Reviews THE AIRSOFT BIBLE Books of Tactics and COMMS!

THUMPY is very excited to be doing a THOROUGH REVIEW of the first two books of The Airsoft Bible, by US Marine, former Paintballer and current Airsofter/Author/Carolinian William S. Frisbee, Jr.   These are two HEFTY little field guides, the first two parts of what Frisbee hopes will be a series of “books” that are also available in e-book form…helping players from beginners to seasoned ‘vets understand and enjoy AIRSOFT!


We’ll be diving into these two books…especially as they are THUMPY’s TWO FAVORITE TOPICS…and are looking forward to the “BOOK OF COMMS” most of all!  We love COMMS…and we’ll let you know what’s what with some serious discussion via the SCOOP.IT and 3-D House of Airsoft on!