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This should also be useful for MILSIM GAME PROMOTERS/ORGANIZERS, at least as far as the two lower parts of the graph are concerned:  we HATE going to an event where each side is named for a unit that is GROSSLY out-of-scale for the number of participants.

200 TOTAL players should have units sized to COMPANY sizes MAX…say, “A Company, 1/22 Infantry versus 3rd Company, 130 Guards Rifle Battalion.”  We have often gone to an event where the organizers simply take a historic LARGE SCALE BATTLE…and call either side US ARMY vs. NVA/USSR/IRAQ, where it would be so much more refreshing, and shape tactics better, if you use this graph to set up some REALISTIC scale to the events you put on.

Oh, and try to learn the proper pronounciations for the battles, too.  Makes you look like you actually DO care about the veterans who fought the real thing, rather than just a gross proffiteer.  Just sayin.’

“A graphic I whipped up showing the approximate scale of selected WW2 ETO warames in relation to typical unit sizes (data for U.S./Commonwealth units).”

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