King of Miniguns gives South Florida Airsoft a BIG LIFT!

“Air-Sharp’s Killbucket Makes Dummy Miniguns, custom movie prop weapons, antique replicas.”

 And, as you can see fromt THUMPY’S Facebook post, Killbucket is also one hella good fella!…He wanted to raise awareness of his channel, website AND Facebook page by giving away a brand new R/C Helicopter to the first 50 Likes on his latest build, a full-sized Mini like the one wielded in the movie “Predator.”

 We’ve been SCOOPing the build the last couple of weeks…and decided to motivate THUMPY’S PLATOOON into action….by getting 50 fast likes and then giving the heli to our buddy Dan Stein with the South Florida Airsoft Association.  They are trying to raise funds to satisfy their home county’s safety requirements to have AMERICA’S FIRST COUNTY SPONSORED AIRSOFT FIELD!

Killbucket agreed well before the numbers were in to DONATE the R/C ‘Chopper to Dan for fundraising….and can we say, WHAT AN AMAZING GESTURE!

See all of KILLER’s Builds by clicking on the link above, and find out how YOU can help Dan and the SFAA…and build a prototype for OTHER COUNTY SPONSORED AIRSOFT/MILSIM FIELDS near you!….at this link: