WXII’s Agenda…..How Safe Is Airsoft Combat?

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“WXII chIef meterologist Lanie Pope investigated an airsoft combat facility to get some answers.”

I’m going to share what I’ve been saying on Facebook and my SCOOP.IT News Site all day… Since when does a “CHIEF METEOROLOGIST” “investigate” anything for a TV news room? Oh, right…during FEBRUARY SWEEPS, when, as usual some bright bulb comes up with the concept of sending a “mom of boys” to “look into” this “potentially life threatening” “game.”

We’ve played this game long enough. Kyle “HALO” Thaggard of Team TF-16 and former president of the North Carolina Airsoft Organization, and the gang from Cool Combat…and every one of their players, tried to get an unbiased story out to their community. And, for the most part, it blew through the “agenda” that WXII sent their “news team” out to the field to bring back.

But, give me a frickin’ break. You guys oughta be mad as hell at this and tell the station all about it.   Oh, and for the record since many don’t know it….I USED TO BE A TV REPORTER/Military Beat…Features…News Bureaus/Assignment Editor AND a News Director for a short period of time…like 22 total years, and I’ve yet to see an Airsoft “STORY” that didn’t go into some anti-war/anti-violence/public safety agenda.

That is BIAS, poor journalism and the reason most Americans are leaving 22.5 minutes of TV news a day and making up their own minds on what is “news” on the miracle that is the INTERNET.

Nice work. Tell me when its going to rain again and leave the journalism to the pros, Mom.

Alan “Thumpy” Covey
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  1. Grindstone says:

    I didn’t see the report as presenting airsoft in a largely negative way. Obviously they’re not going to show everything as it really is, as this is a news outlet after all, but the presentation was very good at showing there are safety precautions in place (eye pro, etc). Sure they interviewed a couple people who didn’t like airsoft (who knows what they even know of the game?) but even the ‘expert’ gave it the nod.
    If anything, the sheer amount of kids there, to me, is a negative. I understand that particular field is probably open play, but it’s not my cup of tea.


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