Cybergun Watch: Plans for 2012 in the USA include PARKS?…and a SNUB AT SHOT Show 2012



The way THUMPY’s 3D is reading the translation, part of CYBER-G’s “SYNERGY” in the U.S. market involves some type of franchise opportunity, to create AIRSOFT FIELDS, or to convert PAINTBALL venues with some of the atmospherics of Cybergun’s lines of video games…i.e., to give players an immersive environment “ripped” directly from the graphics of a player map from WAR, Inc, or the BLACKWATER games….and that would feature guns from the Cyber-G Licensed stable of airsoft arms.

I’d like to tell you that I learned this directly from Cybergun at their MASSIVE display again this year at SHOT Show 2012, but lets just paraphrase our TWO encounters with people there as “uncooperative.”  I opened correspondence with Cyber-G again this year prior to the show, asking for permission to set up an appointment to interview at SHOT Show, and was assured that if I went by, they would do so.

However, reality bites.  On Thursday afternoon, just an hour after Cybergun’s successful “shoot down” of the JAG Precision/Echo 1 USA booth in an adjoining show floor area, and just minutes after an on-camera interview of  Airsoft Mega-Promoter John “Lion Claws” Lu and “Angel 1” Ksenia right in front of the CYBER-G Display…

…I approached several CyberG corporate representatives, who referred me to a man we’ll simply call “The Gatekeeper.”  “The Gatekeeper” took a long look at my name and read “Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft” on the official BROADCAST MEDIA pass from the NSSA; accreditation to allow me to do interviews, before he simply shook his head back and forth “NO” several times…and declined ANY further conversation.

I’ll leave it to your own interpretation as to the reasons WHY they might not want to do an interview with the only journalistic Airsoft media representative who’s regularly covering their corporate operations…

Curtains drawn around JAG Precision/Echo1USA Display (background) after CyberG's restraining order "nuke strike" at SHOT Show 2012. NSSA security would not allow interviews or video of the JAG pack-out.

But our encounter happened just minutes after Cybergun had dropped a nuke on JAG Precision and Echo1USA’s booth, having the NSSA throw them off the show floor with a Temporary Restraining Order, alleging Trademark Infringement.  And, Thumpy BROKE the STORY…then went to the source to find out what went down.

DENIED.   Hmmm…?

But the following day, FRIDAY, many of the same media members who were granted access at Cybergun last year were invited back to cover on a small portion of the 2012 Cybergun display…and most of that coverage focused on CyberG’s VIDEO GAME wares, not on anything directly related to new or improved products they intent to market this coming year.  ONE MAJOR EXCEPTION was the coverage by our friends Mark “Dr. Airsoft” Vaughan  and “Rangemaster” Larry you can see below…although ostensibly with PALCO’s, they are part of the Cybergun Family:

And from our buddies at Airsoft Pacific, too: