SHOT Show and Airsoft…Looking Back and LOOKING AHEAD to 2012

A look back at LAST year’s SHOT Show..for you guys who don’t know what its all about…lots of THUMPY’s videos from 2011 in VEGAS!  This should get you SHOT Noobs ready for the FLOOD of goodness headed your way all next week!

For an HISTORICAL perspective, who better to go to than Thumpy’s Go-To running partner at SHOT Show, Tim Ellwood of the “No Airsoft for Old Men” blog, getting ready for his 26th SHOT Show…from last year’s show on the rise of Airsoft at THE SHOT Show:

Next up, some of the folks Thumpy covered LAST YEAR, and we’ll be seeing again in 2012!

AND, One MYSTERY we’ll be following up on at THIS YEAR’S SHOT Show….where is REAL SWORD this year?  And, will Thumpy get to interview the mysterious Helen Li in 2012?