Liars, Poseurs, and Frauds…And An Airsoft Firestorm @ Soldier Systems

Via Scoop.itThumpy’s 3D House of Airsoft @

FOLLOWUP to the earlier SCOOP.It postings from Soldier Systems’s reposting from Raven Concealment Systems…and if you scroll down, you’ll see an additional Comment post from 215 Gear in Tidewater Virginia…which set off a firestorm with Airsofters, Real-mil and LE players and those who train with airsoft as well as use it for recreation and sport.   You’ll also see a posting there with a familiar face….


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  1. Brandon (Zechs) Hurley says:

    Thumpy… Sorry to get colorful with my language here (and feel free to delete this if you want), but these sack of shit companies can burn for all I care. They’ve made it crystal clear they don’t want our money and that’s just fine by me. I’ll continue to support my local retailers in the manner I have been and am quite satisfied with. They’ve said what they wanted and karma is a bitch. What goes around comes around and I look forward to hearing about these companies going under.

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