Liars, Poseurs, and Frauds…An Editorial by Raven Concealment Systems

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I CAN NOT AGREE MORE!  This is pretty close to Thumpy’s policy, too.  I have a lot of real-mil friends and clients here at Camp Lejeune and New River Air Station, and around the world….who not only frown on this, but will beat your ass and take you to court/Law Enforcement…do NOT pose “as”, but honor the real men and women “DOING” the job, as you would want to honor them in person.

Raven Concealment Systems posted this on their Facebook page recently. It is one of the best things we have read in awhile. We’d say that their sentiment is shared by many in industry. Be aware there is some rather frank language in there.




  1. John Smith says:

    No matter how well made the argument, full caps lock makes it awful and less likely to be taken seriously.

    1. ThumpMaster6 says:

      Point well taken. I’ll stop shouting and start communicating again. Passion on this issue runs deep!

  2. Matthews says:

    Couldn’t Agree more… There are a lot of Wannabees in the airsoft community and that is fine, it is good to aspire to the level of honor and dedication that many in the military achieve. I for one, enjoy gearing up, trying to simulate what it would feel like to experience that level of dedication. But that is all it is…. Simulation.

    I feel that it is however a DISGRACE to call yourself something you are not.
    I’m talking to you, all you “Navy SEALs” who claim to have earned a trident or any other SOF personnel who may have… “not quite earned the title.” It’s not like that information isn’t on the internet or hard to find out.

    I don’t care if you DID serve. If you were deployed with, or tried out for a particular unit of elite fraternity within the SOF community, that doesn’t make you elite.

    I for one have NO combat experience, NO military background, and NO intentions of ever claiming such. It just makes you look like an idiot and an embarrassment to impersonate something you have not earned. And quite frankly, the worst part is that it de-frauds the men who have earned the title and any sacrifices they have made.

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