NEW KRISS Details from KWA and EVIKE’s Matt

OK, he might be getting himself out of the doghouse with KWA and the rest of us….as EVIKE TV’s host MATT gets some direct answers from KWA uber-tech MIKE on the KWA HK45…but the REAL SCOOP is at the end, when KWA lets some of the details out of the bag on the long-awaited KRISS Vector project:

SO, SHOT Show again promises to be big for KWA…and a prototype that can be handled, but not fired.  Hmmm…wish the KWA’s would have invested in a shoot-room, a-la CyberG/Palco….you CAN get a spot to do this, but not where KWA’s PRO TRAINING PRODUCTS booth is located…that’s a shame, SHOT Show!!!….Maybe SHOT needs to take some lessons from North Carolina’s own North Atlantic Airsoft Expo!!!!

Heres’ the link to Thumpy’s prior KRISS COVERAGE from SHOT Show 2011:

AND, the STORY THAT STARTED IT ALL, from July 2010, when the KRISS was announced right here at the 3-D House of Airsoft!  LINK RIGHT HERE

And, just for giggles, here’s MATT’s SPOOF VIDEO (yea, NOW they call it a PARODY!) of the iPad enabled KRISS…tons of yucks; hey, why didn’t you ask Mike if he prototype had an iCable attachment, hmmmm??????