New Video of KWA’s M4 GBB…on the way in the NEW YEAR

“You Shouldn’t have…you really REALLY shouldn’t have….”  About the only “shouldn’t have” to this story is the release date AFTER the holidays, so save up some of that hard-earned cash and get ready to put the PINNACLE GBB rifles into your collection!  Our Buddy at KWA, Allen “ALLIZARD” Lau says “other” videos have been of the Asia versions of the LM4 and its civilianized brothers…

“We have released the “Asia” version of the LM4 Magpul edition.  In fact, there is also a KSC version (label as KSC) but it’s sold in Japan only.  Both versions have warnings printed on the box indicating it’s NOT for US import.  US version (ATF approved) will be out early next year.  ETA will be end of Jan or sometime in Feb.  Also, Asia version LM4 have aluminum bolt and US version will have steel bolt.  A full press release will be out during Shotshow.  Just like this year.

 Speaking of Shot Show, we have quite a bit of news to announce through out the day, maybe the following day as well.  It will be a very busy week for us.

OFFICIAL KWA Press Release from a couple months back: LINK HERE